Fighting knife crime with faith and fencing – BBC Stories

I always tell these stories about David vs Goliath. What’s the Goliath in your life? What’s the thing that is stopping you from going to that next level? What’s that thing that you think you can’t overcome? I’m Steven and I am a fencing instructor for an inner city youth Continue Reading

The Narcissist’s Footnote | Have A Little Faith | MAKERS

NADIA BOLZ-WEBER: At different times in my life there were forces that felt so powerful and totally in control– my addiction, my unhealthy relationship, my horrible boss, my anxiety, and depression. At the time, these things felt inescapable, like they would always rule me. So back in Jesus’ day, there Continue Reading

The Lord’s Word to His Church: Smyrna (Revelation 2:8–11)

I want to draw your attention in a message to the 2nd chapter of Revelation – Revelation, chapter 2 – and I told you a couple of weeks ago when we began this little series that I wanted to give you a perspective on the church living in a pagan Continue Reading


DELIVERANCE TIME People of God, we church people should not be concerned with how many members are in church but how many have been saved. Here is Mr Enny, pretending to be a Christian but is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What is his mission here among the people of Continue Reading

Is Your FAITH Working For You? | T.B. Joshua

Good Morning, Church. Thank you. You may be seated, thank you. Good Morning once again. I want to say, ‘Good Morning’ to the viewers all over the world. I don’t see myself leaving the word faith. So let us begin where we stopped the last message. Talk on faith. Let’s Continue Reading

FAITH IS PRACTICAL!!! | TB Joshua Sermon

Thank You, Lord! I hope you are thanking Jesus in your hearts. Nowadays, we have substitutes – belief for action – which is wrong. When we see people saying, “I believe in healing. I believe in salvation. I believe in this, that…” – It is not enough to believe in Continue Reading

Fox News attends Kanye West’s Sunday church service

The Best Free Gift Churches Can Give To New Visitors | Pro Church Daily Ep. #067