Camilla Made Prince Charles A Happy And Confident King-In-Waiting, Royal Biographer Says

Camilla Made Prince Charles A Happy And Confident King-In-Waiting, Royal Biographer Says.The wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, might have had a different reputation when she became part of the royal family in 2005. However, she must be acknowledged for her major role in transforming the heir Continue Reading

Trump v. Manson: How Our President Answers Questions like a Cult Leader

piece of cake after the recent death of Charles Manson I couldn’t help but look back at some of his later interviews to get a better sense of the man himself with all the stories and cultural mythology stripped away especially in his later years it can be a bit Continue Reading

How Charles Manson Came to Lead One of the World’s Most Dangerous Cults

Today we will talk about serial killing again, but this show is different because our protagonist wasn’t the person who committed the murders. He was behind them, though, as the leader of a cult called The Manson Family. Some cults, although sometimes regarded by authorities as suspect, go about their Continue Reading

Riverdale | Lili Reinhart – Don’t Trust Charles | The CW

– We don’t actually know anything about Charles. Betty’s dealing with kinda of figuring out who Charles is. I’m interested in, is he a serial killer or not. He’s keeping secrets from me, Kev, I know it. She’s going through the paces to figure out if he’s a good guy. Continue Reading

Chicago Med – Trust Me (Episode Highlight)


Hi sisters My name is James and I’m Ian Welcome to the first ever episode of the James and Ian show all you sisters out there know that me and Ian have posted several videos together on my youtube channel and as much as He acts like he’s hated them, Continue Reading

11. Slavery and State Rights, Economies and Ways of Life: What Caused the Civil War?

Professor David Blight: So what caused the Civil War? Somebody said “slavery.” Can I hear a “states’ rights?” Can I hear a “conflicting civilizations?” Can I hear “unctuous fury?” Can I hear “fanaticism?” Can I hear “fear?” Can I hear “stupidity?” Can I hear “Goddamn Yankees?” Or Jefferson Davis may Continue Reading

How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended

How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended AHHHHH!!! Charles, Im sorry! Im Im so sorry This society won’t accept us. We form our own. the humans have played their hand, Now we get ready to play ours. Who’s with me? Hmm.. No actually not you… Nobody likes you. I meant Continue Reading

12. The Sovereign State: Hobbes’ Leviathan

Professor Steven Smith: O.K., today, what a joy. What a joy! We start Hobbes. And he is one of the great treats. Thomas Hobbes was the author of the first and, I believe, undoubtedly the greatest, work of political theory written in the English language. He was a master of Continue Reading