Israel-Palestine conflict – summary from 1917 to present

One hundred years ago began a regional conflict that would quickly become one of the world’s most complex and controversial A conflict between two very different people for the same territory. To better understand its reasons and underlying issues, let’s retrace the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on a map. We are in Continue Reading

Economic Update: Marxism’s Contribution

Welcome friends to another edition of Economic Update a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives, jobs, debts, incomes, our own those looming down the road, those of our kids I’m your host Richard Wolff, I’ve been a professor of economics all my adult life and I Continue Reading

Capitalism and Socialism Defined

I have heard many conflicting things about socialism. Some people tell me it means a form of government where there is only one political party. Others tell me it is where the state owns companies – and yet still, I am told it means social welfare programs and redistribution of Continue Reading

Economic Update: Rise and Fall of the USSR

Welcome, friends, to another edition of Economic Update—the weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives: jobs, debts, incomes, our own and those of our children. I’m your host, Richard Wolff, and I prepare these economic updates each week. Today, we’re going to depart briefly from our normal Continue Reading

Class 09 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

So far in this rather long and fairly complicated chapter on machinery, I suggested you might want to keep in mind two things; one is those conceptual elements in the footnote which bring together in some kind of ensemble the idea of technology, relation to nature, the processes of production, Continue Reading

Michel Foucault on Karl Marx (Part 2)

Hi, Michel! Oh, hi! Nice to see you again… Hm, I have a question regarding our last conversation – the one on Marx, I mean. Marx? Yeah, Karl Marx, not Ernst. OK, go ahead! I have the impression you didn’t tell me the truth. At least you said very little Continue Reading

Marx on Alienation

One important reason the Revolution was inevitable, Karl Marx thought, was that in the capitalist society, the labor force was alienated Marx’s Critique of alienation was developed while he was in exile in France The Industrial Revolution was underway, and the young Marx, for the first time, mingled with workers Continue Reading

Class 06 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: One of the striking things for me always about that chapter was the extraordinarily precise mathematical logic of it. I mean, it comes closest to a mathematical dialectic. And sometimes that ability and that way of working is why Marx gets tagged as in some ways as Continue Reading

Class 01 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: Well, you’re in for a treat today. We’re going to be talking with David Harvey on the lectures that he’s been giving now for almost forty years, I think, on Capital. My name is Neil Smith. I teach in Anthropology and Geography at the City University of Continue Reading

Class 12 Reading Marx’s Capital Vol I with David Harvey

» NEIL SMITH: Brings me back to your your point earlier about the the last chapters in Capital. There’s the primitive accumulation chapter of course, but I was thinking as much about the chapter on colonies and Wakefield, and the sense of you get from Marx’s critique of Wakefield which Continue Reading