Why is Canada not part of the United States?

I’ve talked before about why New Zealand didn’t become a part of Australia despite the two nations sharing a history, and I think few nations could claim to be as close as our two ANZAC cousins. But there are two other Nations that come to mind, who were once part Continue Reading

Standing with those persecuted for their faith or belief. #Article18ForAll

Today, we want to mark the International Day Commemorating Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Freedom of Religion or Belief. We stand with those persecuted – every person must have the right to believe as they choose, have the right to change that belief if they choose, and have Continue Reading

Conservation work at St. Andrew’s Church at the Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

This church is the last gold-rush era building still standing at Bennett, BC The town was a major shipping depot during the Klondike Gold Rush St. Andrew’s Church was constructed by Reverend Sinclair in 1899 when Bennett was a boom town Volunteers helped him put up a wooden floor and Continue Reading

United States (USA) vs Canada – Which country is more liveable? (Animated)

Two of the closest countries in the world today are the United States of America and their northern neighbor Canada, or as some of my American friends call it America’s hat. While these countries share a massive 5,500 Mile border there are many distinct differences that affect the livability of Continue Reading

Self Confidence: Ace the job interviews with confident(5 Tips)

hi everyone this is Jiro and today I’m going to share with you a few tips and to strategies on how to gain the confidence in the job interview or even you can communicate with confident to anyone you know being confident from the moment you walk through the door Continue Reading

Injured troops hit the slopes to build confidence

The Second Annual Soldier On Winter Sports Clinic is one of many opportunities offered to Canadian Forces ill and injured members who are transitioning into a new phase in their lives. Soldier On is an absolutely vital program for our wounded and our ill and our injured men and women, Continue Reading

Wellspring Victory Church sermon December 22nd, 2019

amen amen why don’t you guys take a walk around the church this morning and let’s greet some people good morning church how about you find your spots and if you feel like should be a little uncomfortable today then come to the front cause we’re gonna get freaky amen Continue Reading

Allison Mack sex cult, poacher eaten by lions and Hugh Jackman :: Daily News Weekly

– Alright guys, come on. Let’s get this started. I think we have a really great episode this week and I’m really excited about doing it. – [Director] Where’s your tie, man? – My tie? Oh. Alright, give me a second. Sheridan! (thunder clap) – [Director] Whoa! – Is that Continue Reading

How A Kid Like Jake challenges beliefs about LGBT children

Jake’s very special he’s always liked doing things his own way we intentionally sort of flip the camera and don’t you know focus on Jake because Jake is four, it felt really important to not put that camera on that kid, to flip that camera to the world because the Continue Reading