UN Special Adviser highlights critical role of religious actors in sustaining peace

We all live in pluralistic societies – with people of different origins, ethnicities and faith. And this is what makes our societies rich. But it can also create tensions. If not controlled or managed, the tensions can fuel conflicts and violent extremism, and can also escalate into atrocity crimes, for Continue Reading

You, Me and Democracy

♪♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪♪ Western Australia operates under a parliamentary democracy Democracy simply means rule by the people All Western Australians have a right to have a say in how our state is run. If you’re enrolled and eighteen years or over you can do this at election time by voting Continue Reading

What is Water Hammer?

You might know that most liquids are incompressible (or least barely-compressible), which means no matter how much pressure you apply, their volume doesn’t change. This can be really useful, like in hydraulic cylinders, but that lack of “springiness” can also lead to catastrophic failure of pipe systems. Hey I’m Grady, Continue Reading


Kia ora. My name’s Finn. I’m a writer from Wellington and I’ve written a short film called Democracy and now with a team of really good people I’m going to make it which is very exciting. Democracy is a comedy about a dad who gets voted out of his family Continue Reading

Democracy doesn’t happen by chance – Official Trailer (2017)

Democracy doesn’t happen by chance. The challenge for me of always having to prove myself. That I can do it, I can do it as a black person. I can do it as a woman, in my own country. Looking at my parents I knew that nothing would change in Continue Reading

Religion + Witchcraft—Can You Be a Christian Witch? | Ami Melaine—Imperfect Witchcraft

sometimes I feel like my spiritual journey really just kind of drags me along with it Hey, witches welcome if you’re new and if you’re not new welcome back you already know why you’re here I’m Ami and this is imperfect witchcraft where we talk about the magick that normal Continue Reading

Redeeming Capitalism: the Key Point

Let me start by the title of the book: it’s called “Redeeming Capitalism,” not “Replacing Capitalism.” And right now there’s a serious debate in this country about whether or not capitalism serves the common good, and it’s a reasonable debate. So in this book I unpack what capitalism is and Continue Reading

Why Are We So Nostalgic? – 8-Bit Philosophy

It’s time to rev up the hype train, dear viewer. Your childhood memories are getting a reboot! That campy horror flick? It’s being remade! Your favorite 70s classic space opera? Let’s make it again! That 80s cartoon imploring you not to do drugs? Nobody asked, but let’s make a sequel! Continue Reading

Economic Update: Black Socialists of America [Trailer]

Demonization of everybody left-of-center became a passion engaged in by both Republicans and Democrats. Socialism can and has appealed to the American people in the past and it looks to be doing that again now. We thought you know we can have a platform you know to educate and to Continue Reading


Hello, today I will show You how to create the USSR banner. I created a special map for this Link in the description below Let’s get started It’s a step-by-step tutorial As You can see it’s slowly getting that Soviet look And this is the final product It looks like Continue Reading