NJ senate candidate lays out how Republicans can flip blue states in 2020

Broken Pen speaks on knowing your worth, self-belief and having humility | The Outspoken Podcast

yes yes my people welcome back to the outspoken podcast episode 9 I am your host and the just rhyme champion and at 8:00 joined by my co-host just name guys and you guys can all call me naive but before we get to that are you actually gonna keep Continue Reading

Why You NEED To Be Reading | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– If you’re still selling the way you were 20 years ago, I don’t trust you. If you’re leading the way you were 10 years ago, I don’t trust you. You’ve gotta stay fresh and relevant and capable. This is, there’s several ways I talk about in the book of Continue Reading

How to Build Trust in the Workplace (Leadership Skills for Managers Part 7)

trust in the workplace is just fantastically important, really terribly important and if you don’t have trust, it’s like not having lube oil in your car engine. It’s just going to freeze up and stop because if i don’t trust my fellow employees and i don’t trust my bosses i Continue Reading

Worst flooding damage in our state’s history: Nebraska Gov.

What Can The Lock Business Teach Us About Trust? | David Horsager | The Trust Edge

– So I was asked to be the commencement speaker at my university. Walked back on campus 23 years later. First thing I show my kids on campus, my Post Office Box. Cool dad. You know that PO Box is in the exact same spot it was 23 years ago? Continue Reading

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon on public trust

– You talk a lot about creating an atmosphere of transparency and trust, and everything you’ve just talked about is kind of supporting evidence. How do we more broadly deal with the trust issues? Where I say “we” more broadly, I mean the business community has created a real loss Continue Reading

DHS reviewing state laws giving illegal immigrants driver’s liscenses

How Iran Approaches Tensions With The United States | NBC Nightly News