Cross-Cultural Trust | SMU Research

I am Tan Hwee Hoon, I’m an Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour Human Resource Management at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business at the Singapore Management University. My area of research is trust in the workplace, and I’m very interested in why people trust, how people trust, and what Continue Reading

Social Networks’ Evolution – Wharton Prof. Lori Rosenkopf at Global Forum London

>>Good afternoon, everyone. Let’s talk about social networks and whether yours are working for you, and what we might do about it. Let me start with a tongue-in-cheek view of your social networks. Six of the seven deadly sins. Lust isn’t there. We could have included Tinder. There’s FOMO, fear Continue Reading

Morning Consult CEO Michael Ramlet – 1st Tuesday

– When we started Morning Consult, it wasn’t supposed to be a company. The idea of being here at first Tuesday almost 10 or 12 years from being a student at one of these tables is really quite an honor. I remember actually being here with John Stavig with the Continue Reading

Capitalism without Capital: The Rise of the Intangible Economy

Has capitalism gone wrong? Let’s start by defining what we mean by capitalism and in order to do that it’s probably best to take an example. Something like Sainsbury’s. Anyone who’s been to Sainsbury’s has observed all the capital of Sainsbury’s. You’ve seen the vehicles driving around and you’ve seen Continue Reading

Influencing Behavioural Change for the Public Good

a lot of the things that I look at in my research have to do with real behaviors that we see you know every day so these could be things varying from should I recycle or should I eat healthy should I exercise should I choose a light bulb that's Continue Reading