Crazy Graphs: Rich Vs Middle Class & Poor

republicans always made the claim that we have a rising tide lifts all boats trickle-down economics don’t wait leap years that we’re giving gigantic access to the rich by delegates we get the arrest our way to go on uh… i so that’s that’s what you say uh… well we Continue Reading

Study: Middle Class Screwed, Upper Class Fine

is there so much underlying anger with the american people on their current economic situation well they have that feeling about what’s actually happened is this happening ted that okay and the statistics now the car and and they backed him up hope now when it comes to the upper Continue Reading

Class Warfare – Top 1% vs You

john mccain goes on fox and sunny with chris wallace is good for about class warfare i’ve found that interesting let’s go to put number three i hope that they’ll do payroll tax cut but the first time the first thing we need to do is extended media the tax Continue Reading

How The War On The Middle Class Is Alive & Well

so I compiled a couple things that I think are really interesting that we should remember in honor of Labor Day and not many people are aware the saying in fact I didn’t know then about a year ago I through a ridiculous amount OVA reading and learning about the Continue Reading

How the US Created the Islamic State: Talking Heads

Kid President meets the President of the United States of America

-You been having fun? -Yes. -It has been fun, hasn’t it? -Come on. So this is the Oval Office right here. And I think you should try to sit behind the desk so you look a little more official. -Hello? Nope. Kid President, what grade are you in? -Third. -Third? Continue Reading

Predatory Capitalism and War for Oil

PAUL JAY: Welcome to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Washington. And we pick up our series of interviews with Larry Wilkerson. Thanks again for joining us. LAWRENCE WILKERSON: Sure. JAY: So in ’93, Colin Powell retires and you go back to teaching. So pick up the story. Continue Reading

Chomsky: US opposes democracy in Arab world (UCL)

[ Silence ]>>Professor Noam Chomsky: The United States and its Western allies are assured to do whatever they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world, and the very simple reasons for that, to understand why, it’s only necessary to look at the studies of Arab opinion, which are Continue Reading

Cenk on Democracy Now! MSNBC ‘Act Like An Insider’

bulging killers joining us in south from los angeles to speak for himself in addition to his recent primetime talk show on msnbc and changing their blogs at several of our website so it was a popular internet radio show called the young turks tranquil continue my personality happened well Continue Reading

Michael Moore Talks ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ & More

Now joining us, Michael Moore, director of Capitalism: A Love Story and a couple of other ones you might remember, Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine, Roger and Me, just to name a few. Michael, welcome to The Young Turks. Thank you. Don’t forget Blue Hawaii too, with Elvis. All Continue Reading