International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day 2018

Hi, this is David Anderson, a Member Parliament from Canada. I’m a founding member of the International Panel of Parliamentarians for Freedom of Religion or Belief (IPPFoRB). Every October 27th, we mark International Freedom of Religion or Belief Day because freedom of religion or belief is foundational to all other Continue Reading

मला बौद्ध धम्म का प्रिय आहे | भाषण संग्रह | Why I Like Buddhism? – Dr.Ambedkar’s Talk to BBC, London

Why I Like Buddhism – Dr. Ambedkar’s Talk to BBC London Speech delivered by Dr. Ambedkar on British Broadcasting Center on 12th May 1956 Reference: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Writings ans Speeches, Volume 18, Part 3 In the short time allotted to me, I am asked to answer two questions. First Continue Reading

How Do We Know Christianity is the Correct Religion?

Maura Saccuro types in the following there at YouTube Live, Tim: “How do we know Christianity is the correct belief when there’s a sea of religions throughout history since before even Jesus was born?” Right, that is a great question. You know, that was a question that I asked, Cy, Continue Reading

Religion and the Constitution (1984) | ARCHIVES

Announcer: From the nation’s capital, the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research presents Public Policy Forums, a series of programs featuring the nation’s top authorities presenting their different views on the vital issues which confront us. Today’s topic, “Religion and the Constitution.” John Charles Daly: This public policy forum, Continue Reading

What is Buddhism?

Buddhism, the mere mention of it brings to mind tranquil monks and ancient temples. It’s one of the world’s largest and oldest religions. But if you live outside of Asia you probably don’t know much about it. So what is the story of Buddhism and what do Buddhists believe. Let’ Continue Reading

What Distinguishes a Cult from a Religion?

Hey there, welcome to our channel of…D-D-Death Death of a Notion. If we find anything wrong with the Notions that we examine, WE EXTERMINATE THEM!!! EAU!!! Today we will be asking ourselves the question: “What exactly distinguishes a cult from a religion?” Now, this question in and of itself may Continue Reading

“Buddhism in Light of the Bible” Baptist sermon preaching against Eastern Religion

Last Sunday morning I preached a sermon called Hinduism in light of the bible, and this Sunday morning, I’m going to cover another major false religion of the world, and that is the religion of Buddhism. Now, just a quick review of what I said last Sunday morning about which Continue Reading

We FOUND EVIDENCE of Reincarnation in Every Religion [Part 2/2] Mind Blown 🤯 2018

Many people wonder if reincarnation exists It’s a very common belief in all eastern religion such as Taoism, Hinduism and Buddhism. But what if we told you that it was once found in Christianity But was removed from the historical record? So if this is true Why isn’t it found Continue Reading

Alfred Stepan on Religion and Democracy

– Monica finished her remarks with where do we go from here? We’ll I can only speak for myself. I’m gonna get on an airplane and travel. I have, I can’t believe it but I’m have two years sabbatical, we’ll one year paid Sabbatical and then one year and I’ll Continue Reading

Are all religions equal?

A questão era: “O que você fará se o pessoal… disser que todas as religiões são iguais?” Uma não é mais verdadeira que a outra. Todas as religiões são iguais… e tudo o que importa é o “espiritual”. Eis o que você faz. Escute como eu abordo isso. Eu digo: Continue Reading