THE LIGHTHOUSE | Cult Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

(low, echoing horn blowing) (slow dark eerie music) – [Thomas] Tell me, what’s a timber man want with being a wicky? – Just looking to earn a living, just like any man. Startin’ new. – On the run. – Basically, my brother had an idea for a ghost story in Continue Reading

Jocko Podcast 84 w/ Echo Charles: Importance of Trust, Discipline, and Creativity. “18 Platoon.”

this is jaco podcast number 84 with echo Charles and me Jocko willing good evening echo good evening gentlemen your life expectancy from the day you join your battalion will be precisely three weeks the florid moustached major who addressed us at the small reinforcements camp a few miles from Continue Reading

Q&A – Life Choices, Trust Issues & Celeb Crushes | Zoella

Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel. Today I am doing a very Cas setup, I’m using my vlogging camera to record this video because it was out It had full battery And I’m just making this quite a chilled vid. Got myself a Moroccan mint tea. Question number 1 Continue Reading

Tales From English Folklore #3: The Cult Of Mithras

Many legends and myths that come down through the years are a mixture of folklore and history But some stories that reach us from the dim distant past will always be more of a mystery. By the wall Emperor Hadrian’s soldiers built to mark out his empire’s extent they made Continue Reading

TEDxSussexUniversity – Mariana Mazzucato – The Entrepreneurial State

Translator: Igor Pureta Reviewer: Ivana Korom Thank you very much. I’m going to be talking to you about the state. This is extremely important today because the state is under attack. I think most of you know this. We are currently in a major worldwide, not every part of the Continue Reading

Brexit Election? What About Yemen…

Its incredibly frustrating for me when people keep calling it the Brexit election. I’m like, you think about, what’s the worst things that the British state is doing right now? The worst is climate change, and its almost in a different category altogether, not dealing with climate change is just Continue Reading

Can Dan and Phil guess the USA States?!

Hello Dan and Phil Games (D: BEEEP BEEP) Maps and (D: B*tches! Joking) welcome to our tour bus where we’re gonna be doing some tour bus gaming (D:) Dan and Phil games on the road. (P:) Yeah, (D:) that is right. Thankfully the bus isn’t moving Otherwise, this would be Continue Reading

Owen Jones: Chavs | British politics and the working class five years later

Hello! I’m Owen Jones. I am … who am I? … I’m a writer at the Guardian and I am an activist, I suppose… I’ve just done this new edition of Chavs which has a new introduction which kind of goes over what’s happened in the last few years, because Continue Reading

🔵 Social Class and Accent – British Culture 1309 ESL British Pronunciation

Social Class and Accent – British Culture 1309 ESL British Pronunciation – ha social class and lime imprint mowlam week you use underway you speak he’s must-read I’m by what’s social class you will middle-class in Britain generally speak what is on on Sutton Bridge all received pronunciation the walk Continue Reading

Acorn TV Original | Keeping Faith Season 2 | Official Trailer

(restrained music) – Do you still love Dad? – Well he’s not here is he. – [Prosecutor] Mrs Vaughn is charged with the murder of her husband William Vaughn. – [Lawyer] She’s innocent. – This is a murder case, they don’t know what they’re doing. – Nobody knows what that Continue Reading