Do You Sell Physical Products?

– Question for you: Do you sell physical products on Amazon, Shopify, Kickstarter, or ClickFunnels? If so you might have heard, you might have seen, the game is changing really, really quickly. There’s some price wars goin’ on, right Ester? There is an increased competition. Big companies are moving into Continue Reading

Soviet Generals Loved Clear Cola

– [Narrator] We’re all familiar with Coca-Cola. But this is also Coke. It’s said that clear Coke was a top secret project made exclusively for a thirsty Red Russian. (light music) – Ah, so good. – [Narrator] During World War II, Coca-Cola made a global splash, boosting American troops’ morale. Continue Reading

How "Selfie Culture" Took Over the World, According to New Yorkers | Fast Company

everyone's like oh if it's if you didn't take a selfie did it even happen both these are more popular than ever but lately this trend has turned deadly with people falling off the Grand Canyon and being struck by trains it begs the question just how far people willing Continue Reading