Do You Sell Physical Products?

– Question for you: Do you sell physical products on Amazon, Shopify, Kickstarter, or ClickFunnels? If so you might have heard, you might have seen, the game is changing really, really quickly. There’s some price wars goin’ on, right Ester? There is an increased competition. Big companies are moving into Continue Reading

BREAKING France Poses Biggest Test Yet for Trump’s Brand of Nationalism – News

France Poses Biggest Test Yet for Trump’s Brand of Nationalism. When President Trump swept into the White House in January, some of his advisers gleefully predicted that his victory would set off a populist wave across Europe, scattering mainstream parties on the left and right and wedding Europeans to the Continue Reading

How New Yorkers Really Feel About “Surveillance Capitalism” | Fast Company

– [John] We’re wondering whether you read terms of service ever? – No. – Yeah. – I am a nightmare, no, I don’t. I just go click. – I skim it. – I’m gonna be honest, I am a millennial, I don’t really take the time to read as much Continue Reading

How to Install SimCity Societies + Expansion | No Surveys | KarmaTastic

hey everyone it's karma tastic here and for this video I'm gonna be showing you guys how to install SimCity society's deluxe edition so for this video I am gonna just jump right in instead of doing this long introduction which I usually do for all my videos but for Continue Reading

'I don't trust politicians & corporations in this country' Russell Brand – BBC Newsnight

Childish Gambino talks: Leaving Community, Fears and Hopes for the Future and More!

Trump Fears Impeachment Because It Will Be Bad For His Brand | POLITICS NEWS

Trump doesn't want to be impeached because he thinks that impeachment would be bad not for the country but for his personal brand Trump thinks impeachment would be bad for his brand Jeremy Peters of the New York Times said on msb NBC's up with David guro having spoken to Continue Reading