False but useful beliefs about epistemic normativity

I’m going to argue that epistemic normativity is fully reducible to biological normativity, and then I’m going to explain away any dodgy intuitions that people might have which suggest that that’s not true. OK. So this is what I’m going to do. That’s the thesis: Epistemic normativity is reducible to Continue Reading

Religious belief, practice and identity in the English Reformation – Jonathan Willis

My name is Jonathan Willis. I’m a Senior Lecturer in Early Modern History here at the University of Birmingham. And in particular I’m a historian who specialises on history of the English Reformation. That is the religious changes that took place in England across the sort of long 16th century Continue Reading

Irrational beliefs – Lisa Bortolotti

I’m Lisa Bortolotti and I’m Professor of Philosophy at the University of Birmingham, affiliated with both the Philosophy department and with the Institute for Mental Health. My research in the last six, seven years has been about identifying the role of irrational beliefs in our lives. By irrational beliefs I Continue Reading

A Strange Encounter: Explaining Alien Abduction Belief

Thank you to everybody for coming. So this is an overview of what I’m going to do. First of all I’m just going to set forward some preliminaries, a couple of things I’m going to assume without argument, then I’m going to give a brief overview of the kind of Continue Reading

Work, property and class reproduction in South Africa – Max Bolt

My name’s Max Bolt. I’m Reader in Anthropology and African Studies at the University of Birmingham. My first research as an anthropologist which is my background was on farmers and farmworkers on the Zimbabwean-South African border and looking at the highly racialised dynamics there between white landowners and black farm Continue Reading

Attitudes to Science and Religion

If you believe what you see and hear on the news, you might think that religion and science are locked in eternal conflict, but the truth is more complex and interesting than that. At the University of Birmingham we’ve been researching people’s attitudes to science and religion to uncover what Continue Reading

Day in the life of a Theology and Religion student at the University of Birmingham

Hi, my name’s Hannah and I’m a second year Philosophy, Religion and Ethics student and today I’ll be showing you what it’s like to be a student here in the Theology department in the University of Birmingham. I’m just off to a coffee morning to meet my friends and lecturers. Continue Reading

Owen Jones goes to Tory conference: ‘socialism is more exciting’

So, we are at Tory party conference, it’s a home away from home, I’d say. I’ve got my lanyard on and here’s my thesis about the Conservative party: They are in chaos, they have no ideas and they’re completely detached from reality. So I am going to go and test Continue Reading