Are Your Political Beliefs Genetic?

The human brain is complex and people’s brains are different based on a whole bunch of different things. But as America enters yet another election season I gotta know, does our physiology shape our politics or vice versa? This ought to get that comment section jumping jumping like it’s 1999. Continue Reading

The Einstein myth: Why the cult of personality is bad for science | Michelle Thaller

So Jonathan you ask a question that actually gets to the heart of a lot of my ideas about science and culture. And you ask about the celebrity culture. We hear about these famous scientists, it goes Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking or Neil deGrasse Tyson; we know of these Continue Reading

Can You Trust Your Eyes?

Our perception of the world around us is strongly linked to our vision. But how do you know what you’re seeing is real? Can you really trust your eyes? Take for example these two grey rectangular columns, both of which are different shades of grey. Or are they? It turns Continue Reading

Bruce Lipton – Consciousness and Beliefs | MUST SEE

What we would see from a new understanding of evolution which is a great extension beyond the Darwinian belief belief which is quite limiting okay and quite troublesome in fact. Because just think about what a principle Darwinian belief is that evolutions based on a struggle for survival with a Continue Reading


give me a Child Until it’s Seven and i will show you the man Your life Is a Printout of Your subconscious behavior The Movie the Matrix is not science fiction it’S a Documentary Falling in love is The Equivalent of taking The Red pill biologically Because What It Does Continue Reading

3 tips to boost your confidence – TED-Ed

Translator: Jennifer Cody Reviewer: Jessica Ruby When faced with a big challenge where potential failure seems to lurk at every corner, maybe you’ve heard this advice before: “Be more confident.” And most likely, this is what you think when you hear it: “If only it were that simple.” But what Continue Reading

Marine Biology Department at California State University Long Beach

So you think if I want to understand how life on earth works, I want to understand how life in the oceans work. We want you to do the science. You know we want you to experience that and know what it’s like. In our program, undergraduates get a very Continue Reading

Environmental Science | Westfield State University

I’m Tim Parshall, and I’m a professor in the department of environmental science. I’m a forest ecologist. And a forest ecologist studies all different aspects about forests. And the one aspect about forests that I found interesting to work on with students is to address all the different factors that Continue Reading

Social Status & Your Health: A Conversation

– Hey what’s, oh! – Where should a put my hands? Like, I don’t know what to do with my hands. – What do I with my hands! – Like this, does this look okay? (beep) – Hey, what’s up, I’m Myles! – And I’m Shirin! – And we’re the Continue Reading