Leon Trotsky | A Biography (1879-1940)

Leon Trotsky is a name you probably recognize. He was a man that dedicated his life to the Communist revolution, leading the Red Army to victory during the Russian Civil War and being Lenin’s designated successor. It didn’t pan out that way, however, and he was forced out by Joseph Continue Reading

Harry Houdini – Escape Artist and Marketing Genius

This is a story of success. Amongst the hundreds of thousands of Central Europeans who left Europe to go to America in search of a better life, many are those who found out that America’s promises were vacuous, many managed to establish a decent living and some achieved spectacular successes, Continue Reading

Trotsky vs. Stalin – The Struggle for Lenin’s Succession (1924-1929)

On his deathbed, Lenin attempted to ensure unified leadership within his party. After his death in 1924, Lev Trotsky, his most trusted follower, was disposed of by Stalin, who eventually forced him into exile to Central Asia, Turkey and finally Mexico, where Trotsky would be assassinated. Lenin had condemned Stalin Continue Reading

Western and Soviet Literature after the Great War

The communist revolution in Russia, the Great War, the Stock market crash in 1929, the Spanish civil war and the imminent threat of a new war during the 1930s. These events certainly influenced literature published during these years. New literary movements erupted, and writers sought a beacon of hope for Continue Reading

General Heinz Guderian: The Father of the Blitzkrieg

In the first two years of World War II the Allies were stunned by the speed, coordination and efficacy of German’s armoured divisions, seemingly unstoppable. It was the success of the Blitzkrieg tactics, the ‘lightning war’. This success was attributed to the leadership and military genius of today’s protagonist. Even Continue Reading

Leon Trotsky – The life of a revolutionary

We arrived in Mexico in August 1939 from Paris with the Rosmers. It was a radical change, coming from a very sad and dispiriting atmosphere in Paris, together with the widow of Leon Sedov, Jeanne Martin, and to arrive here to the warmth of the family consisting of my grandfather Continue Reading

Roy Benavidez: The Lazarus Soldier

We have been covering some outstanding soldiers here at Biographics, lately. Today’s protagonist is no exception and would probably rank among the very top because of his determination, courage, tactical competence and resilience. This is the extraordinary story of Master Sergeant Raul ‘Roy’ Benavidez, the Lazarus soldier, and of his Continue Reading

Kim Jong-un: A Brighter Future?

North Korea is a country shrouded in mystery. They do not allow their citizens to leave, and they cannot receive information from the outside world. The very few people who are allowed inside are under strict supervision. From the perspective of the United States, all we see of Kim Jong-un Continue Reading

Victor Lustig: The King of Con Men who Sold the Eiffel Tower

Count Victor Lustig may have been the most successful con man of the XXth Century. From the Belle Epoque to the Great Depression, through the Roaring Twenties and across two continents, this elegant swindler eluded the grasp of the law while racking in hundreds of thousands of Dollars. Newspapers described Continue Reading

Guy Fawkes and the Conspiracy of the Gunpowder Plot

“Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November. The Gunpowder Treason, and Plot. I know of know reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot.” On November the 5th, 1604, thirteen men plotted together to blow up the Palace of Westminster in London on the day when the most powerful men Continue Reading