Life After Qaddafi — Libya: A Broken State

Obama State Dept. official blames Trump for US embassy attack

Dinesh D’Souza reveals why Trump won and how he can do it again

D’Souza: I think we all realize how closely this country avoided a massive debacle. We dodged not a bullet. We dodged a missile, and we dodged it… I’m very happy to award congratulations around the room, but we dodged it despite us, not because of us. Many of us were Continue Reading

Debbie D’Souza delivers a warning to Democrats hawking socialist policies

Pavlich: Our next guest was born and raised in Venezuela and has a warning to 2020 Democrats campaigning for socialist policies here at home. Debbie D’Souza joins us now to explain. Debbie, thank you so much for being here, we appreciate it. Tell us about your upbringing in Venezuela and Continue Reading

REAL HISTORY: Mussolini was just a Marxist with a twist

D’Souza: Ultimately, Mussolini decided that what Marx got wrong is that, for Marx, the sole dividing line was class. Whereas, as Mussolini saw it, people are not so much attached to their class as they are attached to their country. Mussolini saw that in World War I, the German socialists Continue Reading

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE $$$: D’Souza proves Marx was wrong about capitalists

D’Souza: Here in Palo Alto, there’s a Ritz-Carlton. Imagine a guy, who is a valet parking cars, at the Ritz-Carlton here in Palo Alto. This guy is paid, let’s say, 15 dollars an hour. Let’s say that he works 10 hours a day, so he makes 150 bucks. And this Continue Reading

Will the crisis over socialism in Venezuela endanger Americans?

Pompeo: The invasion has taken place. The Cubans have thousands of their officers inside of Venezuela today. They’re there with the consent of the thug Nicholas Maduro. And for the Russians, it’s the same. Look, it’s time for Maduro to leave, it’s time for there to be free and fair Continue Reading

FACT CHECK: Venezuela’s “that’s not real socialism” is actually real socialism

Pags: Whenever you bring up Venezuela, they always say, “That’s not the socialism we mean.” Let’s talk about what you know is happening in Venezuela, which is, in fact, socialism. That’s what it is. That’s what this country would look like if we gave into that. You still have family Continue Reading

SOCIAL INSECURITY: What the Dems really want with your money

D’Souza: Social Security was marketed by FDR as a scheme to save for your own retirement. And the reason for it, very commonsensical, is that most of us think in the short term. If we have money, we want to spend it now. We’re going to need it later, but Continue Reading

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE $$$: D'Souza proves Marx was wrong about capitalists