14 GIRL HACKS! Boys, Confidence, Periods! NataliesOutlet

Hello, today’s video is on girl hacks If you’re a girl hello, if you’re a guy welcome this video you could say is like a survival guide on how to be a girl Si eres niña hola y si eres niño bienvenido We’re going to talk about period We’re gonna Continue Reading

Celebrity Makeup Artist Does My Makeup ft. MakeupByMario

– Hi sisters. – Hi sisters. – James Charles here and welcome back to YouTube channel. As you guys can see, I’m with a very, very special guest. Magic. Makeup by Mario, Mario Dedivanovic. King, we’re here in the studio set up you guys. A few weeks ago, we did Continue Reading

Falun Gong! A Dangerous Political Cult Sweeps the Nation, Deceiving America!

it's lonely eyes I'm gonna play a video clip for you I want you to watch I do want to stage as you know the Lili Oz channel is Christian I believe Jesus Christ is the only way to everyone this is Chris from New York today we're at the Continue Reading