Why Criticism Of Israel Isn’t Antisemitism

it’s a weird time to be a Jew in America one might assume that the biggest threat to American Jews would look like this or this so why are elected officials and the mainstream media and even some American Jewish institutions constantly telling us that the biggest threat to Jews Continue Reading

Socialism 2016 Promo

Now, Bernie calls himself a socialist. A Democratic Socialist. You call yourself a democratic socialist … Sanders is also right. We need something deeper than a political revolution. We need a social revolution. The system is the problem. Capitalism is destroying our society. The class inequalities, the racial inequalities, the Continue Reading

Tony Kushner: Hollywood and Socialism

Can a socialist choose Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders, find out today on The Laura Flanders Show when I talk with playwright and screenwriter Tony Kushner. And later in the show, I visit with an art gallery by, with, and for Roma people in Hungary. It embraces hip hop and Continue Reading