Theft and Treachery to Thieve Your Property

Last week my wife and I went on the trip through the Southwest of Western Australia see some friends, while down there we spoke to some people who relayed what was told to them by a local (fake) Member of Parliament, this member of Parliament told them, you do not Continue Reading

Capitalism in Crisis | Yanis Varoufakis

Capitalism is a remarkable system. On the one hand, it produces remarkable wealth and fantastic technologies by which to create more wealth. And on the other hand, it creates new forms of depravity, humiliation, poverty, hopelessness. So hopelessness and poverty and iPhones, being created by the same production line, that’s Continue Reading


you're watching the madness of a lost society November 26 2010 Black Friday revealed yet further evidence of the complete madness of the populace of our lost society case you didn't hear the leaders of China and Russia China and Russia said that they are renouncing the dollar the best Continue Reading

Republicans=Party of SATAN: GOP's Inverted Star & Ideology of Evil Greedy Rich White 'Christians'!

the Republican Party in the inverted star on its logo changed in the year 1992 they got rid of the American star on the flag and they changed it to an inverted pentagram the top two edges represents the two horns on the goal and then the bottom represents its Continue Reading

Ideological Subversion Series: Introduction

there's a war going on and it has been going on for quite some time right here on our own noses it is right here in plain sight a war that is being waged upon us it is being waged day and night but this is not a war of Continue Reading

RSA ANIMATE: Crises of Capitalism