Snowpiercer Official US Release Trailer #1 (2014) – Chris Evans Movie HD

This chaos Thousand people in an iron box. 18 years I’ve hated the train 18 years I’ve waited for this moment This is a world A train saves humanity. The engine lasts forever. The population must always be kept at balance. I said “sit down.” Passengers, eternal order. I You Continue Reading

Donald Trump Baltic States Cold Open – SNL

Captain America – Faith

So– you want to go overseas, kill some Nazis? For as long as I can remember I just wanted to do what was right– You’re really gonna do this again? Guess I’m not quite sure what that is anymore. Did you have something against running away? You start runnin’, They’ll Continue Reading


很多糖!大量的香料! 还有。。所有好的! 这就是用来造成最完美的小女孩的配料 但是,Antony教师在混合料里也加多了一个配料: Z 元素! 就这样Ultra Strong Girls 出生了! Sweetie,Fluffy 和 Sticky,她们献出了自己的生命来。。 我的天啊!这是什么啊?! 这是什么??糖尿病,病态肥胖,看来也有一些奇怪的肿瘤 你看 Fluffy!这个名字是讽刺吗???你到底做了什么啊? 我的天啊!她的头大小! 她的头正常的, 问题是周围的肿瘤! 拜托,把我杀了吧! 你在我们身上加了什么啊?!? 啊,糖,香料 和 所有好的!! “所有好的”是什么啊? 啊。。生奶油,果汁软糖,一点蜂蜜, 昨天剩下的还能吃的披萨,一些薯条,一瓶可乐,一个冰淇淋 两个巨无霸 和 Z 元素. Z 元素是什么啊? Cinnabon肉桂卷 你疯了吗?你那个食谱加了多少糖啊?一杯水都没吗? 哪一个科学家不知道人体基本上都是水的? 我的天啊。。不应该是这样的!我,我。。 我不肯定,但是我觉得她的血是纯 能多益 我靠,Sweetie 心脏病发作了!! 啊。。。我的胸啊! 叫救护车吧!!! 在一次, Megalopolisville 的综合性医院的急诊团队拯救了一天 因为他们用了心肺复苏,和心脏起搏器 能把Sweetie救回来了,来拯救城市! 她只需要等Fluffy身体检查结果,她可能需要把左脚截肢了 Continue Reading

Seth Rollins' best pop-culture-inspired gear: WWE List This!

Punisher Co-Creator is DESTROYING his legacy with politics!

okay so I want to talk about something real quick we're in a really weird spot with comic book creators I saw on Twitter a couple days ago co-creator of The Punisher said that he loves excuse me he loves the fact that we're getting lady Thor in the next Continue Reading

BLACK PANTHER EXPOSED: Witchcraft Served to the Black Community

Walter those who call evil good and good evil like I try to allude and most of my other videos we live in a world of mass deception in order for a new world order to be implemented amongst many other factors evil must be seen as good remember wicked Continue Reading

Bangsta Society – Black Pantha (TCHALLA YALL)

Film Theory: Thanos Was RIGHT!! (Avengers Infinity War)

Warning and spoilers for infinity war incoming Look at all the YouTube channels just Starving for clicks too many channels to watch them all but to snuff them all out at once Instantly that isn't mercy with a snap of my fingers half of all YouTube channels will disappear [song] Continue Reading


O para sa kapakanan ni Kristo, maaari kang tumigilumiiyak na? Ito ay isang pelikula lamang Darling siya ay sampung lamang, sinabi ko sa iyo namindapat na pinapanood ang isang cartoon Bakit kailangan mong pumili ng Zorro? Dapat mong malaman kung paano gumagana ang buhay! Sa totoong buhay walang mga pakikipag-usap Continue Reading