Revolutions of 1848: Crash Course European History #26

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So, there are many candidates for most important year in European history–1492, when permanent links between Afroeurasia and the Americas first formed; 1688, when the Glorious Revolution gave Europe an example of constitutional governments; 1789, when the French Revolution Continue Reading

How Trump’s Presidency Is Fueling Right-Wing Nationalist & Anti-Immigration Movements Across Europe

AMY GOODMAN: Professor Dominic Thomas, you specialize in European affairs, and I wanted to shift gears a bit and ask you about Austria, where conservative leader Sebastian Kurz has been tasked with forming a government after he won a slim majority in the snap elections earlier this month. Kurz campaigned Continue Reading

Eastern Europe Consolidates: Crash Course European History #16

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So we’ve talked a lot about shifting perspectives in this series; being able to see from more than one angle helps us to be empathetic, but it also reminds us that there is no single correct way to look Continue Reading

Flag and anthem of the Federal State of Austria (1934-1938)

Blessed be endlessly, Wonderful native land! Green firs and golden spikes Friendly adorn thy lands. German labour, earnest and honest, German love, tender and soft, Fatherland, how marvelous thou art, God with thee, my Austria! Fatherland, how marvelous thou art, God with thee, my Austria! Let′s, through no discord divided, Continue Reading

Hitler – OverSimplified (Part 2)

Since Germany’s military had to be reduced, Hitler could no longer remain a soldier after the war, but he kept working for the army as an informant. After the war, communists in Germany had attempted a revolution, and the government was worried about communism in general, so Hitler was tasked Continue Reading

Standing in 3 Countries at Once | CZ, PL, SK | [Kult America]

I’ve always found it so liberating to cross the border, I mean, leaving one land and entering another. So I decided to go down and visit the border between Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Because I wanted to see what it would feel like to stand in a place where Continue Reading

Meet the Man Who Escaped the Soviet Bloc in a Homemade Plane

(camera focusing) (bug skittering) – [Voiceover] This here is a darkling beetle. It lives out here in the vast desert of northwest Utah. And he is on the move. Where to? I don’t have a clue. But I can tell you about the town he’s leaving behind. (quiet country-western music) Continue Reading

World War II: Crash Course World History #38

Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course World History and today we’re going to talk about World War II. Finally, a war with some color film! So, here at Crash Course we try to make history reasonably entertaining, and fortunately, World War II was hilarious…said no one ever. Mr. Continue Reading

TedxVienna – Niko Alm – The End of Freedom of Religion

المترجم: Nada Qanbarالمدقّق: Hussain Laghabi حسنًا، هذا ما كانت تبدو عليهرخصة القيادة في النمسا. ليست عملية إطلاقا، أليس كذلك؟ كانوا غالبا لا يقصون الحواف. رخصتي مقصوصة وذلك لأن صلاحيتها قد انتهت. حصلت على واحدة جديدة. والقصة هي، أني حصلت على رخصتي الجديدة. وأردت تغيير رخصة القيادة غير العملية إلى أخرى Continue Reading