Parishioner Who Shot Gunman Speaks Out About Attack On Texas Church | NBC Nightly News

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Congressman Blames Shootings On Attack on Religious Beliefs

lingo over uh… decided that he wasn’t talking about the shooting or colorado on a radio program with promised disturb the whose former republican politician as well initiative was uncomfortable with the direction of gober went let’s show you what happened what is your experience with within twenty two needed Continue Reading

Russian nationalists attack immigrants on St Petersburg metro – Truthloader

This disturbing video is just the latest in a long line of violent attacks carried out by nationalists in Russia. It’s suspected to be racially motivated and happened at the Udelnaya metro station in St Petersburg on November 4th. It happened just after a nationalist rally against immigrants which was Continue Reading

Protest Turns Fatal: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

– さっさと出ていけ – やめてやれ もう十分だ [ロシアンルーレット ウクライナへの侵略 9] 【クリミアの住民投票が迫り 緊張が広がる】 【ドネツクでの暴動前に デモ参加者を取材】 ヨーロッパとアメリカが引けば 戦争は起きない そうよ 私たちはロシア人を歓迎するわ ロシア人は兄弟だもの 戦争なんて起きない ロシア ロシア! 【ヨーロッパよ 目を覚ませ!】 住民投票 住民投票! 【ロシア 大好き!】 主張はひとつ ウクライナは統一されるべきだ ウクライナ統一 ウクライナ統一! これまで何十年も ロシア人と平和に暮らしてきた クリミアでもドネツクでもだ 今日は爆竹 明日は銃弾 この騒動が 本格的な対立に 発展すると思いますか? 発展どころか これは戦争だ ウクライナ東部で起きてる 内戦なんだ ウクライナ人と ロシア人の間のね 私たちが戦っている最大の敵は ファシズムです ファシズムが 合法化されようとしてる ロシア語を話す人に対してね ビデオを見たでしょ? 「ロシア語を話す人間を撃て」 「全員 撃ち殺せ」と言ってた ウクライナの現状への抗議として Continue Reading

Is Islam The New Communism?

Just 10 years after the Cold War and the threat of Communism were put to bed, the US was the victim of an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack, now known as 9/11. But rather than attributing the attacks to the specific group Al-Qaeda, the government and media declared the enemy’s name as Continue Reading

Why Are Pictures of Muhammad Forbidden In Islam?

Recently, terrorists attacked the offices of a satirical magazine in Paris called Charlie Hebdo , killing at least 12 people and injuring more. Many believe that this attack was in retaliation at the magazine’s cartoons which depicted the Islamic Prophet Muhammad [pbuh]. And this is not the first time that Continue Reading