White Nationalist Website Recruited Protestors By Promising They’d Get Laid

If you’re not familiar with the white nationalist website, the Daily Stormer, you may have come to find out a little bit more about it this week as it turns out GoDaddy kicked them off their servers, then they went over to Google. Google immediately kicked them off their services. Continue Reading

Why Don’t Democrats Take Religion Seriously?

Many religious voters feel alienated from the Democratic party. Donald Trump overwhelmingly won Christian voters, including 81% of White Evangelicals and 60% of White Catholics. The obvious reason is that Donald Trump offered these voters more of what they wanted like overturning Roe vs. Wade and appointing conservative Supreme Court Continue Reading

Social-Media Companies Threaten Democracy

Today the gatekeepers of meaningful freedom of speech are the social media companies. But there’s just been scandal after scandal of how these companies have abused their powers to really not serve “We, the people”, but rather to serve their own corporate interests in ways that stifle our speech, and Continue Reading

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Why Don't Democrats Take Religion Seriously?