How Beliefs Change

“The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue”. — Antisthenes. My parents, as I’ve said before, were 3-for-6 in terms of producing believing children. All of us accepted Jesus as our personal Savior. We all entered the “age of accountability” as Continue Reading

Atheists Bullied For Not Believing In God

the Atlantic wrote about something known as the secular Student Alliance and what they’re doing is they’re building these groups within public schools to allow non the issue basically get together and avoid bullying from extreme religious students now clearly this is a really big problem across the country teachers Continue Reading

The Cold War Origins of “In God We Trust”

“In God We Trust.” You can find this phrase on American currency, and if certain state legislators get their way, on public school buildings everywhere. The phrase is so ubiquitous, I wouldn’t blame you for assuming that it’s always been part of public life in the United States. But it’s Continue Reading

How Beliefs Resist Change

The Jesuits have a saying sometimes attributed to Francis Xavier: “Give me the child until he is seven and I will give you the man.” They may be a tad optimistic, but ample research on identity formation shows that religious, cultural and political identity become established by early adulthood and Continue Reading

22 Reasons to STOP Believing in God

If God knows everything we are going to do in the future, then we don’t have free will. But we do. If God doesn’t know everything we are going to do in the future, then he is not really omniscient. God couldn’t stop a murder when they were only four Continue Reading

Atheism Vs Spirituality – It’s Not About Belief

Atheists consider themselves anti-religious, but the truth is that atheism is just another religion. The only difference is that while religion believes in gods, atheism believes in no gods. But the real question is not, to believe or not to believe. The question is to believe or to know. Not, Continue Reading

Mormon Holding on to Belief | Mitch – Kansas City, MO | Atheist Experience 21.25

er, Mitch who’s been waiting on hold for quite a long time from my original hometown of Kansas City. How you doing Mitch? Good. Thanks for taking my call nice to talk with you guys. Hi, Jen. Hi, Matt. ⬅Hi. ⮕Thanks for waiting. What you got for us? well, um. Continue Reading

Belief In God Tied To Caveman Instincts

doctor steve kelley has a background in neuroscience and psychology and he wrote a great article about how caveman instincts actually helps us explain our belief in God that’s interesting and I can already hear people being outraged the idea that you can compare somebody who believes in God 21 Continue Reading

Meeting Cult Members in Israel | Bnei Brak (Part 2)

So, Armin is walking around recording things that he’s not supposed to record and he’s getting a lot of looks from people saying no, and he needs to be wearing a head covering and all that stuff. Basically, this is the evening seder…which is the section of learning, which usually Continue Reading