101 Facts About Thailand

greetings mother factors my name is Sam and today I’m going to be running my mouth all about the land of golden statues tiny mammals and getting kneed in the face just for the sheer thrill of its Thailand yes that’s right we’re jetting off to Southeast Asia this time Continue Reading

A Lot Of White Supremacists Seem To Have An Asian Fetish (HBO)

(Chanting) Whose streets? Our streets! (HATE) If you’ve seen footage from the Charlottesville protests, you might have noticed something a little strange: Chris Cantwell, who’s a white supremacist, has an Asian tattoo. The tattoo’s a little sloppy, but it’s supposed to be the Japanese character for “truth”. And it’s actually Continue Reading

Geography Now! Cambodia

Hey Geograpeeps! So this episode is gonna have some bad audio because I’m currently in my parent’s basement filming this, not at the youtube space and, eh, the microphone we typically use doesn’t fit into the audio jack in my camera. So, just bear with me, and we’re gonna basically Continue Reading

Hip hop Vs. communism – How Vietnamese rap got political – BBC Trending

RAP IS A THING IN VIETNAM THERE IS EVEN A STATE RAP NEWSCAST Starting this year lorries must carry their legal load If you try to carry more goods will be confiscated BUT IN THIS ONE-PARTY STATE RAPPERS HAVE STUCK TO THEMES LIKE LOVE UNTIL ONE LEFT THE COUNTRY AND Continue Reading

The Politics of Eurovision Song Contest

Well I think the thing about the Eurovision song contest is, every country has one singer right or at least one group. And the thing about Russia’s relationship with its periphery is that it’s very clear in its identity that it is the big country with sort of little bits Continue Reading

The History of North Korea

We’re constantly hearing threats from Kim Jong-Un’s North Korean government, but what’s behind all of that? Let’s find out. This is the modern history of North Korea. The Korean empire ruled the entire Korean peninsula until 1910, that’s when the more powerful Japanese army took control through a treaty. When Continue Reading

Jamaican Chinese community part 3

in Kingston it is not uncommon to see places with Chinese influence there is even a Chinese Cemetery where Jamaican Chinese and Chinese immigrants would bury their family members in traditional Chinese fashion and to this day it is not a completely uncommon sight to see a Jamaican Chinese in Continue Reading

Denisovans, Yetis, & Genetics

hi and welcome to crash course cryptozoology today I'd like to talk about human ancestors the abominable snowman and genetics specifically I want to talk about a find that recently was analyzed for the first time properly and yielded some very interesting results about human ancestry particularly it concerned Denisovans Continue Reading