Paintings of ‘Petworth Beauties’ have their legs restored by the National Trust

So the ‘Petworth Beauties’ are a set of eight paintings and they date from the 1690’s. And they were installed here in the Beauty room at Petworth by the sixth Duke and Duchess of Somerset. They were originally full-length portraits but they were cut in the 19th century and became Continue Reading

XENOPHOBIA Snake attack Scatter Church Sunday LiVE Service @christmecyland @prophetjeremiahministry

Welcome to netTVmedia, This is a LiVE story of how Prophet Jeremiah came Across a Man, who brought a dangerous Cobra Snake to church, and while he was trying to control the snake, he mistakenly got bitten by it, kindly watch the brief video before the full Video. Please Continue Reading

Nova Scotia Talent Trust since 1944

(dramatic music) (Narrator) Without belief, there is nothing. (alarm beeping) [Child] “Wake up, Mom!… We’re gonna be late.” (Narrator continues) No matter how much talent you have, no matter how much work you put in, no matter how much time, how much effort, how much dedication, no matter how much Continue Reading

Alex Steinweiss et l’invention de la pochette d’album | CULT COVERS

Basically, what you’re going to watch is far from being perfect so if it sucks, well, it’s not entirely my fault. Thanks for your attention and have fun. Hello everyone and, well…Nice to meet you! I hope you are comfortably settled. Maybe a little cup of hot chocolate within easy Continue Reading

Blind Belief – Experimental Film

In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy spirit. Amen. In the name of the Father, the Son, and Holy spirit. Amen. The beginning is the end. The end is life. Life is the death. Wine is the blood of life. The shield is the inner vision. Pure Continue Reading

Belief | Short Film | International Women’s Day 2016

hello! hi, yes.. yes.. it’s almost done oh yes.. yes… you freeze those dates rests of them are ready, i’m working on the last one and I’m sure it’s goanna be the best one…. sure… sure… okay, see you than! …And ya please get the invites printed. thank you.. bye.

‘Home State Tattoos’ Sneak Peek ⚔️ Turf War (Season 13)

Speaker 1: Welcome to New York City. Group: Yeah. Speaker 1: Since 1886, the Statue of Liberty has welcomed immigrants to this country from all across the world. She stands as a symbol of hope, freedom and the American dream. Jimmy Snaz: America baby. Speaker 1: And all of you Continue Reading

Letting the light in: James Turrell, ASU partner on artwork | Arizona State University

You see a light. I didn’t know the sky was so big. Your mind, for the first time, is never ready for what you see. We could just take it in. All points of origin for everything that we know is the energetic event called light in which the universe Continue Reading

Cloud Cult | When Water Comes to Life (Web Exclusive) | The Lowertown Line

(audience cheering) (bright music) ♪ And when the angels come ♪ ♪ They’ll cut you down the middle ♪ ♪ To see if you’re still there ♪ ♪ To see if you’re still there ♪ ♪ When they come your ribs ♪ ♪ They’ll find a heart-shaped locket ♪ ♪ Continue Reading