The Golden State Killer – What Do We Know About Him? Californian Serial Killer

This episode is brought to you by Skillshare. The first 1,000 people to sign up using the link in the description will get their first 2 months free. Today’s killer tale might resonate a bit more with our viewers, as the story is ongoing. Over the last year, we took Continue Reading

Is Religion Banned in China?

Is religion banned in China? Well I’m standing outside a big church here in the middle of mainland China so I pose to you that it is in fact not banned. This is a big misconception; but of course religion is controlled and I’ll get into that in a short Continue Reading

CUBA’s Black Market – Where Capitalism Meets Street Smarts

Some Cubans choose to earn their living in the black market. It’s a tough way to make a buck. Marco works six days a week fixing lighters, and barely makes ends meet. He earns two pesos – about 8 cents – for each repair. If they’re well and truly broken, Continue Reading

Slavoj Zizek: Arrest the Pope as head of a pedophile organization (eng sub)

All these things must be made public (communist crimes). We must ask the question how was this possible etc. This angers me so much. When I wrote that article … which you published with a heavy heart … Well, not you personally … You know, the one about Tito’s cave. Continue Reading

Real Life Hermit Lived Isolated From Society For 27 Years How One Mistake Changed it All

top five best presents real-life hermit lived isolated from society for 27 years and how one mistake changed it all to add to your day just a bit subscribe to our Channel and click that notification bell for more shocking videos just like this one every day have you ever Continue Reading

Trudeau's office trying to silence ex-diplomats on China, says opposition | Power & Politics

once again we are seeing Justin Trudeau's attempt to silence people as they try to talk about things that are happening I know that the Prime Minister's office and the Minister of global affairs office have both denied that this happened they said that it didn't come from their office Continue Reading

#PrimeTime: Anchor Sudhir Chaudhary ka Jhoot: Mob Lynching: Meerut me Muslims ki Giriftari: