Why do people join cults? – Janja Lalich

When Reverend Jim Jones founded the Peoples Temple in 1955, few could have imagined its horrifying end. This progressive religious movement rose in popularity and gained support from some of San Francisco’s most prominent politicians. But in 1977, amidst revelations of brainwashing and abuse, Jones moved with several hundred followers Continue Reading

Refuting Critics who say I’m part of a “Cult”

When I first came preaching Jesus on youtube I was hesitant to associate with other brothers in the LORD. I didn’t want people falsely accusing me of being part of a “cult” so I just didn’t contact anyone. However the Holy Spirit, He convicted me and told me not to Continue Reading

Superliminal – State of Play Trailer | PS4

Warning! Warning! DR. PIERCE: Hello. AI: This is Doctor Glen — DR. PIERCE: Pierce. And I’d like to talk to you about being special. So special in fact that we have no idea where you are. AI: You are now beyond conventional psycho-spatial limits. DR. PIERCE: Don’t be alarmed. AI: Continue Reading

Dare to Escape AZ – The Cult of Mithras

The Cult of Mithras was born in Rome in the first century. Mithras was a god of soldiers and Mithraism was popular with the Roman legions. A religion with no public services, worshippers of Mithras convened in secret temples and held rituals. It is said Mithras was born from a Continue Reading

Must Have Christian Gift Ideas for Christmas: Church Bag Essentials

The following items are ideal gifts for Christians for any occasion. Our first item is a blend of Frankincense and Myrrh. These are very well known essential oils in the Christian community. Matthew chapter 2 verse 11 tells us that these two oils were presented to Jesus on the day Continue Reading

CLASSY! Putin: The United States Is A Great Country, And Russia Has Always Respected It

I believe that we have many interests in common with the United States. The United States is a great country, and we have always respected it. We were allies in two world wars. It is our common history, and it is a positive history. Of course, we also want to Continue Reading

Alright! Baby Password Dena ft. Anushka Sharma & Keshav Sadhna

Guys please SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT! Baby guess what? Shalini and her boyfriend have done it I think now it’s time we should also do it Have done it? They have done BDSM Gautam there is no limitation to your dirty mind They have shared their FB password Let’s do it Continue Reading

Hiking to the edge of my country

Hey folks! We are on our way to ‘Maceljska Gora’. We are going to activate a summit. We are heading to the well ‘Sutla’ and when going back do the activation. Now we are at ‘Loborsak’. Loborsak is up there. It’s TITO’s hunting cabin. (TITO: former Yugoslavian ‘dictator’) Another 4km Continue Reading