Wendish Religion: Ancestor Cult, Werewolves & Vampiric Dead

hello friends how are you, I’m Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about the religion of the Wends, also known as Sorbians well lately I’ve been mentioning Slavic peoples on my videos and if I’m not mistaken on the video about the horse in Norse religion I’ve mentioned Continue Reading

Pyramids and solar religion

[MUSIC PLAYING] INES TORRES: Pyramids are one of the most common of all human architectural forms, and one of the most stable. But the reason for building a pyramid is also related to a set of religious and funerary beliefs that the Egyptian espoused. Some of these beliefs are intimately Continue Reading

New Pagan Temple In Poland & Religious Freedom

Hello friends! My name is Arith Härger and today I’m going to talk about… what am I going to talk about today? ah… alright huh… hrrm… the new.. p-p-ppp… I can’t understand your letter hang on it’s in the title alright today I’m going to talk about “The new pagan Continue Reading

Why Inequality and Violence are Sometimes Good: The Evolution of Human Values with Ian Morris

[MUSIC] Stanford University >>Well thank you. I’d like to thank Caroline and Elisabeth for these wonderful, kind words, and Mayling Gonzales for organizing me and making sure I got here And everybody for coming along. I hope you’re enjoying all the events so far. These events they are really good Continue Reading

Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS) at Cambridge

doing HSPs at Cambridge is special because it allows you a certain amount of flexibility to study three different subjects social anthropology sociology and politics and International Studies and you can specialize in any one of these three courses or in your second and third years you can choose to Continue Reading