Economic Update: Capitalism’s Leaders

Welcome friends to another edition of Economic Update kind of warm here in New York City and I commiserate with you if you have that problem where you are this is a program that every week looks at our incomes our debts our jobs what’s coming down the road I’m Continue Reading

Resident Evil VS Capitalism

At first glance Resident evil doesn’t seem to have a political statement to make and perhaps the interpretation in this video is reaching a bit. But with some of the statements and plot developments in the Resident Evil 2 remake. I think that the RE series deserves review through the Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism and Addiction The Opioid Epidemic [CLIP]

Well today the topic that you and I have gotten ready for is about an epidemic here in the United States, and I can think of no more dramatic way to introduce the topic that we’re going to discuss, then to point out that the last two years have seen Continue Reading

Economic Update: Capitalism Breeds Inequality [CLIP]

What’s the economic case for a proper, well-functioning, comprehensive national health insurance program, because we are told what we have, is the best we can do, because we can’t quote-unquote afford more? What’s the economics here as you’ve encountered it, that makes the alternative case? But we literally can’t afford Continue Reading

Richard Wolff: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism

Today on The Laura Flanders Show – is socialism still an American taboo? Not so much says Prof. Richard Wolff, host of a hit podcast on the subject. Then – nor was it ever, says Nation columnist John Nichols author of The “S” Word. And an F Word from me Continue Reading

Anti Communist Arguments Episode 4: Communism stifles innovation, Capitalism promotes it

Anti-Communist Arguments, Episode 4 Argument: Communism Stifles innovation, whereas Capitalism promotes it Many innovators and inventors weren’t recognised for their genius and lived financially insecure lives. The one common theme of these people is that although their ideas proved to be innovative and beneficial to humanity, they weren’t profitable in Continue Reading


This gentleman will like it all Good memes will be on weekends Jesus 10/10 I feel it I know what i’m talking about i’m Lenin Oh-oh, my defence (popular song) This is “like” This is Stalin This is mustache Where is his smoking pipe? IDK

How would anarchism actually work in real life? (Part 1)

So! That’s the first question most people have about anarchism, it was certainly my first question. Without government, wouldn’t society just descend into chaos? How would anything get done? How would resources be distributed? And how would we make sure that people stay safe? Now, before I explain how I Continue Reading

What Is Anarchy?

Anarchy. The heart of the punk movement in the ‘70s and ‘80s. A driving force for civil wars and violent revolutions. A concept held in esteem by activists like Leo Tolstoy, Noam Chomsky, and Mahatma Gandhi. So, what is it? Anarchy, very simply, is a state of being without any Continue Reading

Here’s why capitalism SUCKS! — and why it needs to end!

Capitalism. It’s a great thing, right? Capitalism leads to technological advancement, economic development and human freedom. That is, until it doesn’t. There’s no question that the development of capitalism was a great thing for human society. Unfortunately, over time, capitalism has spun wildly out of control, transforming rapidly from a Continue Reading