Top 10 BEST Indie Game Hidden Gems – March 2020

with hundreds of games out each month it’s almost certain we all miss out on seeing and playing some amazing indie games and the overall C of releases today on get indie gaming we continue our hidden gem series with ten more indie games you might have missed when they Continue Reading

Public Statement About Demonic and Fleshly Manifestations In The Church – PLEASE READ THIS TEXT…

Hey everyone out there! I want to talk a little about manifestations and wrong spirits that are creeping into the church. This video is going to shock some of you, but I’ve been talking with people I work with, here in The Last Reformation and people who are traveling and Continue Reading

Finding and interpreting a confidence interval for a population mean (σ unknown)

Howdy! I’m Professor Curtis of Aspire Mountain Academy here with more statistics homework help. Today we’re going to learn how to find and interpret a confidence interval for a population mean when the population standard deviation is unknown. Here’s our problem statement: A clinical trial was conducted to test the Continue Reading

THE LIGHTHOUSE | Cult Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

(low, echoing horn blowing) (slow dark eerie music) – [Thomas] Tell me, what’s a timber man want with being a wicky? – Just looking to earn a living, just like any man. Startin’ new. – On the run. – Basically, my brother had an idea for a ghost story in Continue Reading

You vs Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey 2020 Movie)

You’ve just gotten coffee at a dingy little diner — a low-key place where you had to wipe the dirty mug before taking a sip. Everything in Gotham’s a little rough around the edges, but you’re not expecting glitz and glamor. You’re here on a work trip and after walking Continue Reading

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Welcome to Hammonasset Beach State Park. With over 900 acres, the park offers many ways to enjoy your visit. Start exploring here at the Meigs Point Nature Center. With exciting displays and programs, you can learn how Hammonasset Beach was formed and all about the creatures that make the park Continue Reading

7 Ways To Be A (MORE) Confident Salesperson

– Have you ever gotten knocked down on your ass and when you get back up, you just lose your confidence and you say to yourself I just really am not feeling that confidence anymore? It’s so common and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. What we need to do Continue Reading

Can I Trust My Conscience?

Well we are ending our week of great questions and biblical answers with an interesting one. The question someone recently sent me was simply this. “Can I trust my conscience?” Think of how massively important that question is. Right now your conscience is telling you, it’s evaluating, accusing or defending Continue Reading

Best Cloud Backup for Linux: Which Provider Can You Trust?

Hello, my name is Mauricio and in this video I’d like to talk about Cloudwards’ favorite backup picks for Linux. Before we get to that, though, let me first remind you of the thumbs up if you like this video and obviously the bel icon if you’d like to know Continue Reading