How to build creative confidence | David Kelley (Summary)

David Kelley is a founder of the design firm IDEO. I wanted to talk to you today about creative confidence. I’m gonna start way back in the 3rd grade, I remember one day, my best friend Brian was working on a project. He was making a horse out of the Continue Reading

United Methodist Beliefs: Hell

♪ (music) ♪ (Adam Hamilton) So, people ask me, ‘Do you believe in hell?’ And the truth is, I don’t want to believe in hell. I don’t like the idea of it. But as I think about the idea of hell logically, it seems like it has to be there. Continue Reading

10 Tips To ALWAYS Walk with Confidence (Even If Nervous) | Bad Habits That Make You Look Weak | RMRS

Did you know the speed with which you walk has an effect on how people see you? Guys, I’m covering that in today’s video, along with a number of other mistakes that men make when they’re out walking. Guys, my goal is for you to come out of this video Continue Reading

CULT – What is a cult and why do people join and stay in them?

Hey guys, it’s Christy and welcome to Chrissy’s corner. Today, we’re going to talk about cults. Let’s begin by answering the most simple question ‘what is a cult?’ If you look up a definition for a cult online the first thing that will come up will be this definition: a Continue Reading

SUNNY FAMILY CULT vs BRUTE | “Sunny Side Down” | Crypt Extended Universe | Creepypasta

(suspenseful music) – [Adam] My football career was over before it even started. It was the championship game. I was about halfway to the field when I realized I left my cleats in the bedroom. I rushed back home and took a shortcut through the woods to try and recoup Continue Reading

Belief #5 – You Shouldn’t Guess With Your Financial Future

The fifth belief of the Wealth Multiplier is you shouldn’t guess with your financial future. Most smart successful savers don’t have a plan for retirement. And the few who say they have a plan, really only have a general idea, not a true plan. What’s the difference? A true plan Continue Reading

Weird Ways To BOOST Self-Confidence? | 10 Unusual Confidence Builders

Superman, duct tape, nudity. Sounds like the ingredients for an actually decent movie from DC, but that’s not what we’re talking about today guys. We are talking about unusual ways to build your confidence. Tip number one. Duct tape your back. So, we know that duct tape can be used Continue Reading

Gay Man Quits Cult After Trying Reparative Therapy: “There’s More Out There. There’s A Whole World.”

I’m Matthew Olshefski and I am from Santa Fe, New Mexico. I was the oldest of 3 siblings. I have a younger brother and sister and we grew up in a very happy, normal, childhood, family life. All three of us were violinists and we were homeschooled right from the Continue Reading

What If You Dropped A Penny Off The Empire State Building?

We’ve all heard the story a man is standing in the deck of the Empire State Building in New York City he then takes out a penny and throws it off the edge to make a wish but the penny falls from such a height than it hits someone down Continue Reading