World Of Kaiserreich – US Civil War – part 4 – Pacific States

A Long time ago, America was a nation of vast opportunity and promise, and she still is. Because America is still alive. Behind the Rockies, free cities of America endure. The blooming deserts of Utah to the cold Pacific Northwest. The men that built the West opposed the tyrants from Continue Reading

I Am Not In A Cult

So many people have asked me if i’m in a cult I’m not in a cult. Many people have asked me if Titanic Sinclair is a cult leader. Titanic Sinclair is not cult leader. We do NOT believe in cults Say it with me. I am not in a cult. Continue Reading

Multicultural DATING & RELATIONSHIPS with Don’t Trust The Rabbit

Hey everyone! Dana here, and today while I’m hanging out with Trixi from the Don’t Trust The Rabbit YouTube channel, which, by the way, today we’ve made several videos, and so be sure to go over and check out her channel to watch those videos. And now, while I’m here, Continue Reading

Guessing the Gender of GERMAN NAMES with Don’t Trust The Rabbit

Hey everyone! Dana here, and today I’m back with Trixi in Hamburg. We’re back filming some videos together, and right now it is a video on names. Specifically German names. Okay, so Trixi, you have a daughter with a name, so you obviously went through the naming process in Germany. Continue Reading

World Of Kaiserreich – US Civil War – part 3 – American Union State

American Fugitive – State of Emergency Trailer | PS4

[MUSIC PLAYING] This is a Channel 7 breaking news bulletin. Dramatic scenes in Red Rock County today as the army was called into action in an attempt to halt spiraling crime levels. The former plastic toys factory has been commandeered as a makeshift operating base. Military vehicles and weapons have Continue Reading

Eboo Patel: “Acts of Faith” | Talks at Google

>>Cliff: So, good afternoon everyone. Welcome to another awesome [email protected] talk. Today, we’re particularly honored to host Eboo Patel. Now, as part of the Campus Honors Program at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, the name Eboo Patel is always displayed prominently on our walls, it’s sort of a myth and Continue Reading

Phuong Thi Le’s Second Practice Citizenship Interview

Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes I do Put down your hand What did you promise? I promise to tell the truth. Please sit down Thank you Explain how you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen. I have been Continue Reading

Muslim Americans Bust Myths About Their Faith | Truth or Myth