Halloween: Paranormal beliefs in America | IN 60 SECONDS

Boo! It’s Halloween, guys! According to a handful of polls, belief in ghosts may be on the rise. A 2007 AP/Ipsos poll found that 1/3 of American adults believed in ghosts. In a 2011 CBS News question, 40 percent said that they believed that ghosts, or the spirits of the Continue Reading

The state of the unions (1995) | THINK TANK

Ben Wattenberg: Hello, I’m Ben Wattenberg. The recent AFL-CIO election brought new leaders to America’s labor movement. What happens next? Joining us to discuss the state of American labor are Albert Shanker, president of the American Federation of Teachers; Barry Bluestone, professor of political economy at the University of Massachusetts Continue Reading

The social impact of revolution (1973) | ARCHIVES

Announcer: The American Enterprise Institute presents the Distinguished Lecture Series on the Bicentennial of the United States. Our host for this thought-provoking series is Vermont Royster. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist with the “Wall Street Journal,” and Professor of Journalism and Public Affairs at the University of North Carolina. Vermont: I’m Vermont Continue Reading

Belief in God: Declining faith in modern America | IN 60 SECONDS

A belief in God is among the most common religious beliefs held by Americans. Nine-in-ten Americans report believing in God, or a universal spirit. However, perspectives on God are incredibly varied, and doubts about God’s existence are far more prevalent among the public than typically thought. Thoughts about God vary Continue Reading

Who are the working class? — Interview with Tamar Jacoby | VIEWPOINT

Tamar: Well, you know, in the ’50s the working class, the industrial working class were the heroes in America and they haven’t been the heroes in America for a long, long time and so they’re hurting in a lot of ways. Robert: Tamar Jacoby, President of Opportunity America. Thanks for Continue Reading

Restoring opportunity for the working class — interview with Ron Haskins | VIEWPOINT

Ron: This group in the middle that we’re concerned with up to, say, $60,000, $65,000 a year. Robert: Household income, yes. Ron: They are the ones we need to help. And they don’t get nearly as much help as this bottom group does. Robert: Ron Haskins, long-time expert on issues Continue Reading

The Top Five Feminist Myths of All Time | FACTUAL FEMINIST

much of what we hear about the plight of American women if false, and some phony claims had been repeated so often they’re almost beyond the reach of critical analysis coming up next on the factual feminist 5 feminist Myths that will not die myth number one women are half Continue Reading

The capitalist comeback (Part 2) – interview with Andrew Puzder | VIEWPOINT

Michael: Hi, everyone. This is part two of our discussion with Andrew Puzder. It picks up right where we left off in part one. Welcome back. Andrew: I think we’re looking at the Trump boom and it’s a result of the capitalist comeback. Michael: And a lot of that you Continue Reading

Why I’m a globalist | IN 60 SECONDS

Many conservatives saw the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s 2016 victory as useful correctives. It was time to push back, the argument went, against the overreach of unaccountable international bureaucracies, such as the European Union and the UN. Maybe even NATO has become obsolete. But can we really go back Continue Reading

Has Capitalism Actually Been A Force For Good Globally? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC