Dear Conservative Alternet Trolls: America is NOT a Capitalist Country

okay I just 1 I’m you know lay this out as the the low-wage worker movement in the United States continues to grow and that is as in low-wage workers sane you know I’ve had enough and I’m not gonna take it anymore damn it I it’s becoming obvious that Continue Reading

Will The Internet Kill Religion?

Between 1990 and 2010, 25 million Americans lost their religion. At the same time, they also began spending 400 million hours per day on the internet. Coincidence? I don’t know……. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. As religiosity in America continues to fall at a pretty dramatic rate, scientists Continue Reading

Caller: Thom You are a Marxist!

Marvin watching free speech TV in Cookeville Tennessee hey Marvin what’s on your mind a Tom a yeah I you call the other guy from montana would you call them and get the evidence to bed and stuff yes I think it’s the first time in probably eight years I’ve Continue Reading

This is what democracy looks like | Anthony D. Romero

Silicon Valley is obsessed with disruption, but these days, the biggest disruptor didn’t come out of Silicon Valley. It came out of steel towns in Ohio, rural communities in Pennsylvania, the Panhandle in Florida. And this last US presidential election was the mother of all disruptions. Once again, politics is Continue Reading

Why the U.S. is an anomaly among democracies | Eboo Patel

So there’s a great book by Michael Walzer called What It Means to Be an American. And one of the things that he says is that for centuries, really from the time of the Greeks, political philosophers believed that the only way to have diversity in a society was for Continue Reading

Is Socialism Responsible For Dominique Strauss Khan?

robert knight is with us is a senior fellow executive director the american civil rights union the conservative uh… organization intruding on through the new book ten truths about socialism river are walking to the program they are pumping out for a man that you’re welcome intermediate button on bob Continue Reading

Champion for Democracy? – Woodrow Wilson I WHO DID WHAT IN WW1?

Debate about Woodrow Wilson has raged since the war and still does today. Who was he? A brilliant statesman? Just another racist? Both? Neither? It’s been said that anyone who followed Wilson down a political path was almost certain to meet him coming in the opposite direction, so let’s take Continue Reading

Austin Peterson on Capitalism

so it’s american capitalism urs laissez-faire capitalism is sweeping the world and has been in a large respects ever since the the mid nineties with the the creation of world trade organization dis all trade national group of corporations the tell countries what to do it the general grand jurors Continue Reading

Glenn Beck: Marxist Government Conspiracy

but he is figured out of course that the president uh… is aside his administration with marxist ox let’s let him explain for them cincinnati even here’s here’s what we have we have a i’d government that has builds baby the cage we have marxist after marxist after marxist after Continue Reading

Frank Grimes – The Cult of Work | Renegade Cut

“Homer’s Enemy” is the twenty-third episode of the eighth season of The Simpsons. Frank Grimes, a man who suffered tragedy after tragedy in his life but never stopped working hard, is hired by Mr. Burns to work in the Springfield nuclear power plant. Frank encounters Homer Simpson, a far less Continue Reading