The Birth Of An Amazonian Cult: Cocaine And Faith In The Amazon (Part 1)

Abandoned church reborn as Audible Innovation Cathedral

– Newark. Crossroad of the world. – Newark was an innovation center. – Growing up here you definitely noticed a lot of abandoned buildings. Only like shells of what they used to be. But I think one of the biggest misconceptions would be that there’s nothing here. – Wayne Nash Continue Reading

Sebastiano Serafini – Trust the light (music video ft Rian & Sachi M)

Sebastiano Serafini「TRUST THE LIGHT」ft Rian Direction・Claudio D’Avascio NAPLES・01 JAN 2017 There is only one thing I wish for The truth without hesitation Even suffering Is give us strength This future Is calling us Even now Looking for the light that’s coming Trust my word I’ll rescue you If we could Continue Reading

The Promised Land: Cocaine And Faith In The Amazon (Full Length)

Sinking Rich: Speedboat Racing Through a Failed State

You ready? I just asked him if it was dangerous and he just went… Very reassuring. Doing that for eight hours… My God! I’m on a bridge in the middle of the jungle, straddling one of the largest rivers in Latin America. These are the waters of the Orinoco Basin Continue Reading

Mean, Median, and Mode: Measures of Central Tendency: Crash Course Statistics #3

Hi I’m Adriene Hill, and welcome to Crash Course Statistics. In the last video we tried to make sense of ginormous numbers. And teeny-tiny numbers. Today we’re going to talk about less showy numbers. The numbers stuck in the middle. The averages. The medians. The modes. They may not seem Continue Reading

Seattle’s “Amazon Tax”

A controversial tax on businesses in Seattle. $500 per employee per year. Seattle’s silly city council just passed a new “head tax” on its 600 biggest companies. We need the money, say the politicians, to provide apartments for homeless people. We are ready to fight! Housing is a human right! Continue Reading

The Best Products and Books Of 2016 & How Fatherhood Changed Me | #FFLTV Ep 5

– What’s up Fast, welcome to Freedom Fast Lane, I almost said Freedom Fast Lane Live. It’s not Freedom Fast Lane Live. (beep) Hey Fast Llaners, welcome to Freedom Fast Lane TV, this is… One more time. (beep) Hold on, pushups. (beep) Okay, good to go. Actually I’m out of Continue Reading

All I Ever Wanted to Be Was a Millionaire

When I was a kid all I wanted to be was a millionaire… Now that I am a millionaire all I want is to be a carefree kid. There was a time of my life where I lost a lot of weight and I had abs for the first time Continue Reading