Criss Angel Mindfreak: Grand Canyon Death Jump (Season 6 | A&E

Eating at a Vegan Restaurant Owned by a Cult

We wanted to check out the vegetarian food options in HCMC, So we walked into this restaurant owned by a flamboyant woman, who some may consider a cult leader… Welcome to Loving Hut. There are quite a few monks eating here, so you know it’s legit. It’s Buddhist monk certified. Continue Reading

Cosplay Gives Little Woman Confidence | BORN DIFFERENT

ASTA YOUNG: Who cares what size you are; what gender you are; what race you are. You can be whatever you want to be in the cosplay world. ASTA YOUNG: As a kid, I knew that I was different. I was trying too hard to fit in when I should Continue Reading

6ft 9in Tall Woman’s Confidence Hits New Heights

ALY STOSZ: No matter what, anywhere I go, I stand out. COMM: Aly Stosz always attracts attention, and at 6ft 9in tall, she is difficult to miss. ALY STOSZ: I have always been tall, even when I was in kindergarten. I was full head and shoulders above every one else Continue Reading

Can You Trust Your Ears? (Audio Illusions)

Many of us have become quick to catch illusions that trick our eyes – but how often do you consider illusions of the ear? Are you really able to trust your ears and the things they hear? For example, listen to Greg speaking… What do you hear? If you heard Continue Reading

‘Fearless’: Model Ashley Graham Surprises Teacher with Lesson on Body Confidence

Oh my God! Hey guys, I’m Ashley Graham, and I am a model, designer, body activist. And I am so proud of who I am today and what I’ve overcome, because it wasn’t easy. And now I get to help people gain the confidence that they need to take the Continue Reading

‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham Helps Breast Cancer Survivor Feel Confident

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, Jaime, Robin Roberts here. It’s Hoda Kotb from “The Today Show.” You are going to be fearless when this is over. You will prevail. Hey, guys, I’m Ashley Graham, model, designer, entrepreneur, and body activist. I’m so grateful to be where I am today, but the path Continue Reading

‘Fearless’: Ashley Graham Helps Boost Single Mom’s Self-Confidence

Oh my God. Yes. Oh my God, thank you so much. Hey guys, I’m Ashley Graham. And I am a model, designer, body activist. And I am so proud of who I am today and what I’ve overcome. Because it wasn’t easy. And now I get to help people gain Continue Reading

‘Cult’ Leader Claims He Can Change The Weather I TRULY

BENTINHO MASSARO: I just saw that I was so much freer in my experience than anyone else I ever met. It’s rare that someone really obtains the power to alter physical reality but it is possible. I don’t really have a definition of ‘cult’ but you could break it down Continue Reading

I Escaped A Sex Cult

DAWN WATSON: Growing up, I believed that the way to express God’s love is through sexuality. So, as children, as you learn to brush your teeth, we learnt to have sex. DAWN WATSON: We lived in big communities that were closed. We didn’t have access to the outside world. From Continue Reading