Confidence and self acceptance

Where’s my cup? What do you mean where’s your cup? I mean, where’s my cup? Wait do you have a cup? My cup? Yo, what the… I just lost it right now I’m bouta… yep. Okay. Oh, why? Because I’m so small. What’s up everybody! Welcome back to Boxed Wine Continue Reading

MULTI CULT * Needs your help!

Try to focus. Can you do it? Love Love is the ethic we need! I lead with love online, in my videos, and in-person, at my show. The purpose of this ceremony is to make a container in which we can be transformed by embracing different perspectives because time is Continue Reading

Why Hope is Worth Believing In | Kevin Rupp | Goalcast

Learn Self Acceptance Self Confidence By Letting Go Of Ego & Being Yourself

How to Build Self Confidence


– [Ryan] Jesus was so badass. He was, like, the king of calling out bullshit. People are like, “Hey, you can’t talk to Samaritans.” Jesus is like, “Bullshit.” ♪ [music] ♪ I was brought up in the system, evangelical Christianity, where this was the cardinal sin. You don’t do this. Continue Reading

Portraits In Faith: Ramesh Balsekar

Yes sir, you are Daniel? – I’m Daniel – Nice – I’ve been working on a project called “Portraits In Faith” – And I’ve been interviewing people around the world about — – And what is the title? – “Portraits In Faith” – Importance of faith? – Yes — And Continue Reading

Priorities | Central Christian Church | Pastor Cal Jernigan

(inspirational music) – This is the mission of our church, leading people to discover and fully own faith in Jesus. We talk in our church about dying to ourselves and following Christ. This is the one item agenda God left us with: “Bring people back into a relationship with me, Continue Reading

A student with social anxiety on why a 1st impression isn’t always enough

JUDY WOODRUFF: Back-to-school time can bring a familiar sense of stress and excitement for many students as they navigate social circles and a new study workload. In tonight’s Brief But Spectacular, we hear from 21-year-old college student Ben Rolnick, who suffers from severe social anxiety, an increasingly common problem among Continue Reading

This Cafe In India Mostly Employs Transgender People | ASIAN BOSS