WALK IN FAITH | The Lord Will Provide – Inspirational & Motivational Video

For God says Abraham take now thy son Thine only son and take him to a mountain. I will tell thee of So God says to this man who’s been waiting all of his life for child He finally got it. And God said now take him To a place Continue Reading

Frosh 01: The Irreligious Religion

– Whoa. (clapping) Just another typical Sunday morning in Kidmax. (laughing) Don’t worry parents we take good care of your kids. We’re showing them that clip right now actually, just (laughing) but it’s okay we have them strapped down. So everything’s all right. So have you seen this movie? You Continue Reading

Religion of Abraham – 03/05 – Quran Says – by Shaikh Muhammad (2009)

So you have heard certain Ayahs, now in In this world ALLAH says, “strive” strive in ALLAH as you ought to strive or as you is the right to strive. What is struggle, struggle is the way of ALLAH, whenever we come to know the Ayaatss, we have the understanding Continue Reading