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State of the (Dis)Union with Robert Reich

An impeached president on trial and up for re-election will be delivering a state of the union address to the most divided union in living memory. He’ll be giving his address to both his jurors and prosecutors, and most importantly, to the voters that will decide his fate in November. Continue Reading

Possible impact of state of the union address, Iowa caucus debacle | Political Panel

From the chaos in Iowa last night to the triumphant tone from Trump tonight. Our panel of political experts is watching. David Frum, senior editor with the Atlantic is here with me in Washington. Republican strategist Jai Chabria is in Columbus Ohio. And Democratic strategist Tracy Sefl is joining us Continue Reading

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NJ senate candidate lays out how Republicans can flip blue states in 2020

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How Red States Would Torpedo Bernie’s Free College Plan

Let’s go next to our caller from the nine five six area code. Who is calling today from nine five six. Hey, this is Michael from Texas. Hey Mike. What’s going on? Um, so I was wondering if you, if you knew about the specifics of the, of Bernie’s through Continue Reading

GOP Purges Voters In Close Election States Ahead Of 2020 | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

2 months away from Iowa, Democratic race is still in flux

JOHN YANG: There are twists, turns, two in and two out, with two months to go until the first votes. Yamiche Alcindor brings us up to speed on the race to the race House. YAMICHE ALCINDOR: This is a Democratic field in flux. Candidates on the rise are shoring up Continue Reading