Nawaz Zardari diesel family is the punishment of Allah in this society


[Muziek] tennis enige voor slim biologie en ik er wel een basis alles samen met mijn cd goed af [Muziek] dus zit je dan aan als tijd voor jullie tijd je kan mijn worden shabai in de place ik wil daar dan weer to face druk er even witte pareltjes Continue Reading

In a society that worships women what are we to do?

hello hey what's up Oh unfortunately had to delete some of my old videos because I think I was running out of space because I could only make the video for like 20 minutes or something so I decided oh well I'm just gonna go ahead and delete some of Continue Reading

Claire Fogal: Western Canadian Evolutions of Decroux and Grotowski in Theatre (PhDs Go Public)

hi I'm Claire I'm as FA said from the Department of Theatre in film I'm here to talk about my dad in physical theater when I was born in Paris 44 years ago my dad Dean Fogle was studying a special form of physical theater since then with incredible tenacity Continue Reading

Inappropriate Communication in our society

yes [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter]

Western society is broken

okay so this subject has been on my mind for quite some time and I just wanted to discuss it and to make a video about it so I truly believe that Western society as we know it the society and first of all countries is broken and I can Continue Reading