Australia vs United States (USA) – Who Would Win? Military Comparison

Back by popular demand is another military comparison. This time we are featuring two fairly new countries, nations that at one point in time were colonies of the United Kingdom. The USA gained its independence on July 4, 1776. Australia gained its independence on January 1, 1901, when the Brits Continue Reading

State of Decay 2 – E3 2017 – 4K Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNSHOT] What would you do if the world you knew was gone? All the comforts. The simple pleasures you took for granted. How would you protect yourself, and the ones you love when the protectors can’t even save themselves? [GRUNTING] The army’s pulling out. Come on. Continue Reading

End Time Sins Are In The Church 2017 – Francis Chan

(Clapping) It’s an amazing opportunity to be with you guys. I’ve been teaching your youth… at the life conference for the last 10 to 12 years or so. Loved it. Now, I get the honor of speaking to you. I don’t know if it’s a demotion. But when I heard Continue Reading

Trumping Democracy | Official Trailer | Cambridge Analytica, Facebook and your data

Donald Trump’s election was not a fair fight. Together we will determine the course of America and the world for many, many years to come. Never has a candidate relied so much on lying. PolitiFact screen Donald Trump’s comments in 2016. Only 4% of what he said was true. The Continue Reading

What is Berserk’s Take on Religion?

Berserk is a story with very clear religious allusions and inspirations. From the factions of organized worship touched on throughout the plot to the ironic religious imagery portrayed through both Guts and Griffith, this is a piece of work absolutely rich with symbolism about the topic. And while there are Continue Reading

Ben Shapiro VS Socialism

I debate socialists all the time and their only real comeback is well that’s not real socialism or if that’s not really I’m nism is there any way to really get around that and try to make them see that look just because your version of socialism with that magical Continue Reading


We’re here at Spring It Once more Maybe we’re gonna eat a kebab and then we’ll come back Peace out Do you think we’re going to have a better video than Krana? It’s possible I think we have potential We’re in a battle to make the best video Don’t record Continue Reading

Ist Luther schuld am Kapitalismus? | Harald Lesch

Wir feiern 500 Jahre Reformation. Manche sagen, das sollte man nicht feiern. Denn mit den Protestanten ist der erste Geist des Kapitalismus aus der Flasche gelassen worden. Dazu habe ich mir einen Gast geholt: Dominik Metz. Ein angehender Philosoph und Theologe. [Intro] Dominik, was meint man denn mit dem Geist Continue Reading