Националисты ранили солдата ВСУ на блокпосте в Кременной! ОТВОД ВОЙСК – ЗОЛОТОЕ!

what are you doing? get out Who is it what are you doing take it easy second time you are clowns yes it’s you clowns and you are clowns who shoot you did it Lugansk airport the brightest that inappropriately need a beautiful picture well, while you are managing I Continue Reading

Взгляд русского националиста на Антимайдан. Russian nationalist opinion on Antimaydan.

Dmitry Melash. Russian nationalists. Moscow. 2015 we present the Union of pensioners from the Khimki city. We came here to…hm… – to support… – to support!…hm… – we stand for the peace in Donbass! – yes, for the peace in Donbass! – fascism won’t win! – yes! Hello. Today I Continue Reading