Supreme court ruling shows Boris Johnson’s contempt for democracy, says Corbyn

Supreme court ruling shows Boris Johnson’s contempt for democracy, says Corbyn

…Has just announced it’s decision.
[cheering and applause] And it shows that the prime
minister has acted wrongly in shutting down parliament.
[cheering and applause] It demonstrates a contempt for
democracy and an abuse of power by him. And the Supreme Court therefore
passes the baton to the speaker to recall parliament. I will be in touch immediately to
demand that parliament is recalled so that we can question that
prime minister … [cheering and applause] demand that he obeys the law
that’s passed by parliament, and recognise that our parliament
is recognised by our people to hold our government to account. A Labour government would want
to be held to account. We wouldn’t bypass democracy. [applause] And I invite Boris Johnson,
in the historic words, to consider his position. [cheering and applause] – Johnson out. Johnson out.
– I got that message. And become the shortest serving
prime minister there’s ever been. So obey the law, take no deal
off the table and have an election to elect a government that
respects democracy, that respects the rule of law
and brings power back to the people, not usurps it,
in the way that Boris Johnson has done. [applause] Conference, I thank you.

100 thoughts on “Supreme court ruling shows Boris Johnson’s contempt for democracy, says Corbyn

  1. he is smart he knows leave is in his hart lands the midlands the north when he wins he will do what he wants remain but in the long run???

  2. Hello Diane just phoning as I have forgotten my brief for today am I leave or remain we told you, Jeremy, to make it easy for you and to grab a few more votes your in the middle you are a silly billy, Jeremy.

  3. This whole mess is the result of those who lost the referendum not accepting defeat to honourably but acting like spoilt children. I voted remain, but the last three years have opened my eyes to the total hypocracy and undemocratic methods of those with their own personal agendas.

  4. The court said Parliament was NEVER prorogued! It was the Queen who actually signed the paperwork and prorogued Parliament..Not Boris!..Is this a direct challenge to the Sovereign??

  5. Most of their MPs like mine vote against their own constituents wishes even though they were elected on a leave manifestos !. Still now both labour and the conservative party are finished. It's now Brexit party and LibDem for prime spot.

  6. What?
    The fact that people like Corbyn are stopping Brexit is undemocratic and shows his own contempt for more than 17 million people!!
    Hold an election and I can guarantee that Boris takes a victory by a mile!

  7. Well done Boris – it worked a treat – now call the General Election and leave (oh the irony) it to us to boot out all the cry baby 'remoaner' MP's .

  8. This ruling is, of course, unlawful and partisan. This being the case Boris should set it aside and continue with the prorogation. In fact I would now extend the prorogation to show whose boss.

  9. Back to raking over old coals that will not get any results until we have an election
    the Labour party is not democratic by not pushing Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for
    Hypocrisy thy name is Corbyn a brexiteer most of his life now a remain man Tony Benn will turn in his grave

  10. Go Jeremy. Barnstorming speech. Ignore the fascists who don't believe in an independent judiciary. Time for Boris to be consigned to the dustbin of history.

  11. Contept for democracy? HE'S TRYING TO LEAVE THE EU, THE THING THAT WON THE REFERENDUM. You Mr Corbyn and a parliment which does NOT represent the people are doing everything on your power to stop him. YOU EVEN REFUSE TO LET US HAVE A GENERAL ELECTION SO WE CAN GET A PARLIMENT WHICH DOES REPRESENT US, because you know full well that Labour will be desimated. If we have Proportional Representation or if parties fielded candidates who actually supported the views of the people, rather than forcing their own views on us then we'd not be in this mess. YOU CORBYN ARE THE ONE WHO HAS CONTEMPT FOR DEMOCRACY, do you think we're stupid? We'll show you what we think of you at the next election.

  12. You've won nothing you clowns, and how dare you talk about democracy!
    Parliament will be prorogued again in the next few days, as for saying you want a GE……..Lets have one you delusional vermin.

  13. Now you lot are crying about democracy not being upheld, when literally the highest court in the country stated that what Boris did was unconstitutional and undemocratic. It's as if whenever you don't get your way you always call foul. You claim Brexit was to bring back control to our country, well this is decision is literally that in action. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  14. What a palava over 5 days. Enough of this pantomime. It has changed NOTHING. We have already left the EU. March 29th. That which we were never LEGALLY in from the beginning. Due to Heath's first ILLEGAL referendum.

  15. > A labor government would want to be held to account; we wouldn't bypass democracy

    Why did you refuse the call for a general election then Mr. Corbyn?!

  16. Bunch of numpty brexiteers with their knickers in a knot spewing their bile here, hilarious. "won" their referendum vote based on lies and legality of the whole Leave campaign is also very questionable, "won" by a slight majority, but act as if they are the whole country and those who voted Remain are disease, have a criminal PM sitting in the parliament now, what did you expect, chaps, that this bull will go on forever? By the way, being anti-immigration as you are, while hardly ever seeing immigrants makes absolutely no sense, because those, who live around a lot of immigrants voted REMAIN. Now, back under your rocks!

  17. What is wrong with people, since when was no deal an option on the referendum? What problem did you have that is solved by a no deal Brexit? Laws will be changed to further favour the wealthy, we will see more than GPโ€™s privatised and food will go up?extra borders to police and no real change in practice because of trade. Closing down parliament to avoid their inclusion and ignore our laws is ironic given self rule is what you claim to want. A law passed parliament that gave guidance to Brexit. The party that has had years to do this never had an actual how to plan.

  18. Is the queen just a senile, helpless old woman prone to being taken advantage of easily? Or did she go along with it willingly in spite of knowing full well she's silencing the democratically elected body representing the people for political reasons? Cause either way, there's a huge problem

  19. This ruling confirms that the UK is as corrupt as everyone has been saying. As an Aussie Iโ€™ll be calling for a republic. Stuff the UK.

  20. So far Boris has lost 4 votes out of 4 in parliament
    Lost his majority
    Lost 21 MPs
    Lost in the court of law
    Please continue Mr Cummings lmao

  21. Brexit no deal will happen whether they like it or not because if they dont then there is only one course of action an that is civil war im afraid.

  22. Useless ranting by Corbyn the worst opposition leader Labour has ever had. Corbyn, do not think that this political setback has furthered your aims has destabilizing Johnson's effort in carrying out the wishes of the British referendum. You decrepit old piece of waste, you aren't even recyclable.

  23. Guy Fawkes had a point, parliament should have been burned down all those years ago! The British public should be the voice of Britain, not nappy wearing bottle sucking over paid jerks who never have and never will live in the REAL WORLD!

  24. He's been up against three prime ministers in three years, yet he's too afraid to agree to a general election. What a loser. Labour will soon be wiped out.

  25. Obey what law????? A bunch of reptilian judges who would do better to address members of parliament practising peadophilia….you are a bunch of hypocrites!!! Leave the man alone and allow him to do his job and deliver. Boris is the only man for the job in hand we need someone with his tenacity. Boris, Maggie and Donald …."The Iron Muskateers"

  26. – Wake up the gimp.
    – The gimp is sleeping.

    – Well, I guess you'll have to wake him up now, won't you?

    (real conversation outside of Boris Johnson's hotel room at 6am)

  27. Political decision of political court .Comrade Stalin I well pleased…โ€ฆ..What about your pall Toni Blair and his LEGAL war crimes in Iraq. Afganistanโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.In SeRbia spraying radioactive U_235 on Serbian people -GENOCID……Is there any court to reconsider that….And that evidence for THE GENOCID does not stem from SPECTATOR

  28. Gloating old goat, like the king of the hill…..Lay some wreaths…โ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆโ€ฆ.Godspeed Boris

  29. Democracy. You lot are all f ucking criminals you should all be locked up.

    The UK is a Criminal Failing Country.
    The whole stinking system is teetering on collapse BRING IT ON.

  30. Corby says Boris Johnson will be the shortest PM ,but at least Boris Johnson has become our PM!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Corbyn will never have that privilege of walking into 10 downing St ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. @ The 2016 Referendum was binary and simple, you either Voted to Remain or Leave, the majority Voted leave.

    No mention of Deals or anything else, just like there was no mention of say the Euro replacing the Pound if Remain.

    Then in 2017 498 MP's all voted to enact Article 50 / EU Withdrawal act which was enshrined into UK Law, never repealed, states on the 29 March 2019 the UK Leaves the EU either with a Deal or if one is not approved by a Majority of Parliament, UK Leaves without.

    It really is that simple.

    Now you have 11 Unelected persons overruling Political Decision by the elected Government.

    Put this in perspective any Government of the Day says 'No' theUK will not replace the Pound with the Euro, a Legal challenge is made, and the UKSC rules that the Government must replace the Pound with the Euro.

    So now you have minority and dissenters to democracy using an unelected vehicle in the Judiciary as the conduit being a means to uphold or dismiss Political decisions.

  32. And now the Brussells parliament at Westminster can get back to humiliating British citizens down to the same status as the treaty foisted and nation state subversive 'EU citizens'-that is, not owed an accountability at all by the EU executive and so fitting for a parliamentary-judicial dictatorship like the UK. An outright hard or a softly stealth tyrant like the EU just can't get enough of 'democratic deficit(s)'.

  33. I mean if your xenophobic and just don't like the EU. Then that's fine, ur entitled to that opinion, just be straight and say it how it is because all other arguments are pretty much blown out of the water and based on lies and deception at this point.

  34. There is no democracy in the UK, and this Brexit debacle is proof of that. We have a Parliament that isn't fit for purpose. The only contempt for democracy has come from the remain camp, who are completely ignoring the largest democratic vote in the UK's history (a larger turnout than any other election/referendum).

  35. Who cares about what JC says? Honestly – he's a weak speaker, and despised by the vast majority of his own party. He's like a bad smell that lingers in a elevator.

  36. Says Corbyn. WTF happened to my vote to leave a market I chose not to buy from. Its like being made to pay BBC tv license even though I dont watch bbc.

  37. Slogan "for the many not the few" . Then many more voted to leave the EU than stay and what does he do. Back the few. ??? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  38. Listened to most of the speech. Was quite surprising to hear that Labor UK is for democracy and for people. Quite the opposite I thought.
    Also the take from the rich and give to the poor is a big reason why Labour Australia lost. Those who chose not to work were going to get more hand outs.

  39. What happens to a lawyer who defends a notorious stealing smack head from your area?

    NOTHING! The lawyer still gets paid?

    And who pays for it?

  40. Comrades fear not Cockburn is here to save the day . NOT ! Talk about it and that's really all that will happen he's out of touch with the working classes ! Put the old fart in a home .

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