Steven Hassan is in a Cult – The Joe Rogan Podcast

Steven Hassan is in a Cult – The Joe Rogan Podcast

I’m actually Jewish
But isn’t, isn’t Judaism sort of a cult? Is Judaism a Cult? I’m actually part of an alternative Jewish
community for the last 17 years. But the point that I want to say is that there
is a whole range — and I actually gave you a blow up of a graph which I don’t know
if you are going to use it — of ethical influence and unethical influence, and the idea is that
one can look at specific behavioral components and determine whether or not is a destructive
cult or a benign cult or a constructive cult. So, the word “cult” in it of itself tends
to be pejorative. You asked me, “is Judaism a cult?”. Yeah! The answer is, there are Jewish cults, for
sure, and there are a lot of other Jewish temples and affiliations that are not destructive
cults. And what would you consider them? Them meaning? The positive ones! The positive ones, I belong to temple Beth
Zion in Brookline Massachusetts Powerful Brookline
You would appreciate them I grew up in Brookline. My Rabbi wrote the big book of Jewish Humor,
and he was a comedian for most of his adult career, and he became a Rabbi later on. What’s his name? Moshe Waldoks, and he cracks jokes, even during
Yom Kippur. Hhmmmm… And he’s my kind of Rabbi. It’s not, its gay friendly, women centered,
social justice, but we love to sing, we love to chant, we love to daven, we love to do… What’s a Daven? Davening is… is religious prayer
Ah ok! Going through the siddur, and learning Torah. I love to go to the Torah study, it resonates
for me, uhh.. in terms of my spiritual path. That said, I’ve also studied Buddhism, and
I have a teacher who is teaching me a Korean form of meditation and movement. So, would you say that by uhhh, by doing this,
being involved in an organized religion, an ancient organized religion and a sect that
you feel positive, would it be just more of a community, a philosophy and maybe just a,
just a nice group of people? Well it is a nice group of people
That philosophies, We are independent, although we are influenced
by the renewal movement of Zalman Schachter-Shalomi. It’s the name of a spiritual leader Rabbi
who passed away, who basically said, and he liked to smoke pot. He talked about like, updating the traditions
for the modern time and that the whole point is growth and connection to other beings in
a loving compassionate way. It’s not about being exclusive, it’s not
about putting other people down to be on your path, it’s about awareness and consciousness. We are not into guilt and shame, we are into
joy, and love, and laughter, helping one another. That sounds very ideal as far as cults go? I think so! So, it’ a cult, it’s just a really good
one? Some people in Boston call it a cult, and
I’m happily say that I have been there for 17 years from the very beginning of his invitation
to become a Rabbi there. See, this is so weird to me that you are an
anti-cult guy, but this is clearly, in the least a very strong ideology with some very
rigid specifications of things. Is that fair to say? You mean Judaism as I practice it? Yeah! Huummmm!!! So, I am raised in a Jewish family, we don’t
believe in Satan. Ok,
At All. Do you believe in God in the Jewish family? Yeah! But wait a minute. Yeah, I believe in God. But, if you… hold on. If you believe in God, then you have to believe
in the God of the Bible? Is that what you are defining God as? Now you are asking me to define what I was
believing as a child? As a conservative Jew? Yes, I guess so. The God of the Bible? Well isn’t Satan in the Bible as well? No! No? Satan is not in the Bible? Not in the Torah! Oh well, that’s the Torah! Mmmm…. The New Testament was an invention later.

9 thoughts on “Steven Hassan is in a Cult – The Joe Rogan Podcast

  1. The God of the Bible and Jesus was a cult leader. They said Jesus was the only way to heaven, believe in him or burn in hell, he said one associate with believers who have sex outside marriage, homosexuals, etc.

  2. As long as Steve's church doesn't condemn or control people, it's not a cult. Or at least not a negative cult. But the definition of a cult would mean many social communities are cults even if their not destructive. Even marvel and DC fans can be considered in a cult.

  3. Let's look at this asinine pearl from Steven's Rabbi: WTF
    "Will Donald stage a terrorist attack a la the Reichstag fire in Jan 1933? Wouldn't put it past him."

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