State Department To Crack Down On ‘Birth Tourism’ | NBC Nightly News

State Department To Crack Down On ‘Birth Tourism’ | NBC Nightly News

29 thoughts on “State Department To Crack Down On ‘Birth Tourism’ | NBC Nightly News

  1. Birth tourism is plane wrong. Unfortunate to say but those babies do not belong here and those previous birth babies now grown need to have thier citizenship revoked….

  2. It's about time some limitations were put on the tourism baby business…………regardless of what branch takes action.

  3. $80k is a small price to pay to obtain The best citizen in the world USA. You can’t even buy citizenship for just $80k. And it doesn’t stop here, that baby will be able to petition his parents (siblings through chain immigration law). It is wrong to use this privilege to obtain citizenship. Only citizen parents can pass it to their children.

  4. Simple – only children born to both parents being American citizens will be automatically American citizens. Others will have to apply and prove eligibility. That way people like Melania Trump will not able to automatically claim that her son Barron is a US citizen. So having one useless parent and the other a foreigner will disqualify him from being a birthright citizen.

  5. So some poor overweight chick has to have a TSA agent's hand up her hoo-ha to prove she's not pregnant before she can leave the terminal?

  6. Thank you TeflonDon45 for this MAGA stance! Anchor babies' mamas are slowly destroying American tradition and culture. Getting more difficult to find people who speak English in large American cities. Limosine Liberals don't care as long as more democrat voters are registered. This is why, Mr. President that you MUST and WILL be elected to 2nd term.🤩

  7. I'm a leftie. It's long past time that this anachronism of a former time when borders were natural and hard to cross is changed.

  8. Well it's about time thank you Mr. President for giving American kids a chance. This is such an abuse of the system.

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