32 thoughts on “Stand Up Comedy about Religion

  1. Dog shit religions! I love it!
    I became an Anglican at the age of 12. I just tell people I've been absolved by Henry the 8th.

  2. Comedy about religion at this point is like beating a crippled kid in a foot race. Just a bit too easy to be satisfying.

  3. My sister is a Catholic nun. When I was a teen she wouldn't tell me how holy water becomes holy. I finally found out why she wouldn't tell me. The priest blessed it. He has special powers to make water holy. The Catholic church is very bad and gives Christianity a black eye

  4. "Did you hear the good news? Lightning struck my baby! He's in a better place, God picked HIM (I told you he was adorable!) God spared him that usual 72 years on this shithole planet."

  5. So, almost ever culture around the world has a flood story.
    Why is that? Because it didn’t happen? People are just stupid and made up the
    same story all over the world.? Wow. That’s amazing. Who should we attack for
    this worldwide lie? Christians? Of course we should. Why? Because, we can’t
    have the truth enter into the conversation.  What should be of interest to the “thinking
    atheist” is the fact that the King James Bible has and is being supernaturally
    changed. See YouTube channel EYA. I’m 60 years old and I know it’s been
    changed. It was also prophesized that this would occur in Amos 8:11. One has to
    wonder, if there is no God, how is this happening? CERN? What’s going on?
    Believe me, the Luciferian elite who run this world certainly believe in God,
    and laugh at those who think not, only their “god” is lucifer, the light
    bearer. Did you notice the sun looks different? White, hot, in your face
    different? Imagine that.

  6. God is wonderful . God's wisdom and compassion is thoroughly demonstrated in Deuteronomy 25:11-12 if a woman accidentally touches a man's genitals while fighting him because he was attacking her husband , you must cut off her hand and show her no mercy .

    Praise the Lord !!!

    And make sure you always treat jesus like a prick ; don't take him out in public , don't ram him down someone's throat and especially don't show him to kids 🤣

  7. The only thing that religion hasn't managed to poison yet… and holy shit, how hard it's trying.
    Resistance is not futile ; theocratic fascist encroachment must be opposed, and religions must be exposed for the horseshit they are, until they fizzle away to die. OK, sure… let's keep the mythology of the fun pantheons, but let's expunge the three Abrahamic monotheisms from history to prevent any recurring vicious cycles of evil, similar to the 2000 years worth we're still stuck with today, please, let's try that out, just to see if it works… and then in another 2000 years, we can see how it went, huh?

  8. It's worse than this nowadays.
    Nowadays they even worship a pedophile named Muhammad without doubt!
    The world has become a very sick place!
    What´s wrong with you? You all need help!Most of you.
    You all can just FUCK OFF with all your gods one day so we get pace on earth some day!

  9. Outstanding video. All the comedians were outstanding but i love how you saved the Master for last.

  10. why would you listen to a stand up comedian talk about religion?
    plain and simply you would not ,
    look religion is a Belief system everybody has a religion
    the religion of star trek has NO GOD, religion has everything to do with what People Believe
    if you think your a scientific monkey man primate "your just a MONKEY's UNCLE"
    if you a Man or a Women part of Mankind created by God you can be "PART OF MANKIND"

    evolutionism is the funniest religion of denying God creating Mankind
    they religiously believe whales walking on land because they deny God creating
    they religiously believe the world billions of years old to deny God creating
    they religiously believe dinosaurs are not Dragons spoke of all through history
    they religiously believe a horse with one horn lol as your a "fairy-teller"
    "the biblical creature the unicorn is a Rhinoceros" unicorn meaning one horn"
    a rhinoceros has one main horn "TO THIS DAY a RHINO HAS a UNICORN"

    the word Universe means one spoken verse "God said ONE SPOKEN VERSE and the "UNIVERSE Began"
    science teaches that the big bang created Time,Space,Matter,<– really you think that is a NEW THING DISCOVERED BY SCIENCE lol

    THE BIBLE TEACHES and has taught for thousands of years
    in the beginning "TIME" God created the heavens "SPACE" and the earth "MATTER"
    all TRUE science comes from the bible
    sceptical okay then
    i will show you atomic energy science in the bible that Einstein noticed and formed his equations by

    Modern atomic science states: the "ELECTRON" binds all matter together , with out the "ELECTRON" bonds nothing would bind together and the universe would cease to exist
    Ancient Biblical Knowledge knows: the "POWER of GOD" binds all matter together , with out the "POWER of GOD" bonds nothing would bind together and the universe would cease to exist

    CAN YOU SEE THAT THE BIBLE HAS THE KNOWLEDGE thousands of years before the invention of the electron microscope the bible actually has in BLACK AND WHITE exactly what happens on a ATOMIC level concerning ionic bonds all chemistry and nuclear physics quantum mechanics and metabolic systems
    you seriously think YOUR DESIGN happened by a
    "look think of your soul and your spirit"

    does a general have the spirit to fight for his homeland?
    does a dancer have the spirit to dance in front of the crowd?
    does a doctor have the spirit to conduct time consuming surgery?
    does a musician have the spirit to play in front of a audience?
    does a Olympian have the spirit to push them self beyond their limits?
    does a Athlete have the spirit to win on the day?
    does a gymnast have the spirit and be in Rhythm in their routine?

    you can deny the SPIRIT but what are you a MAN a WOMAN or a MOUSE and a MONKEY?

    God is with MANKIND
    science is with the monkey Fool
    "real-science KNOWS GOD created"

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