100 thoughts on “Spoof video of president in ‘Church of Fake News’ goes viral


  2. The only people that would think the video is “violent” and “gory” are grandpas who spend all day on Twitter.

  3. Too bad it's not real.
    If the Democrats want to die impeach President Trump that will start a civil war and we will get to go Democrat hunting

  4. They want you to condemn the fake violence of spoof video clips but accept the real violence of ANTIFA……. Clown world at its best!

  5. It's OK for Hollywood and rappers to talk about/put in their videos, killing the President but someone makes a spoof of a Hollywood film and they call for the Right to condemn it! Hypocrite much?

  6. No one needed to make this video trump said he could shoot someone and they would still vote for him. He's always been outwardly cold to his family and everyone else!

  7. Haha Best video ever!!!!
    Where was the outrage by the Left over Lefts anti Trump by Snoopdog shooting, Hamilton stabbing, Kathy Griffin beheading, Maxine Waters attack them.
    Media STFU

  8. Why does our country do everything backwards. No one was saying that this movie should have been condemned before. I guess politicians and reporters are more important to the media than church people. I cant believe this movie wasn't blamed for that church shooting. But that didn't fit the media narrative. I dont like trump but hes 100% right about the fake news media you all are pathetic

  9. I don't care about the video one way or another, yes it's distasteful but also childish which is the mindset of your leader and his followers, I think whoever made it had way to much time on their hands. I'm not an American but I'm sure the majority of you can't stand the idiot, so why keep defending him?

  10. Cool!!! The video is just GREAT! Thumbs up! I hope Mr. Trump will succeed in destroying all the filthy leftist scum.

  11. This is perfectly legal no charges have been filed so why is this even an issue ? Do you idiot have some real news to report ?

  12. Didn’t seem to care when kingsmen came out where it was scene killing a church full of Christians. 6 months later that’s exactly what happend. Hypocrites

  13. Haha the news and political opponents in this video are a bunch of hypocrites. They all took a swing at Trump and failed. This is just a video that shows what happened when they tried taking Trump on with false narratives, fake news, and even personally attacking Trump just saying

  14. LEFT: Oh no a meme that depicts violence against the left by using a clip in a FICTIONAL movie!


    ALSO the Left: whistles while looking the other direction…

  15. Little punk Trump condemns violence except when it comes to killing defenseless animals in a controlled setting, guess he's scared animal may pick up a gun and shoot back, lol what a COWARD! not surprised the whole family are cowards always hiding behind someone else but will never pick up a weapon and defend their country. Complete phony punks whose lives are now excrement

  16. Hypocrisy there are so many times that people have made violent videos towards the president and people on the left treat it as a joke when this joke it treated as a serious thing by the left.

    Edit: The Don Wick video on there channel is my favorite though.😂🦅🇺🇸

  17. Not offensive at all. It's quite entertaining really. But it's a spoof. Like sniff doggy doo an that krappy Griffith chick. Get over it. It's for humor , it's not life threatening. No one condemned the actual movies for these scenes.

  18. Snoop shot trump in a video. Kathy Griffin dif a photo shoot with trumps decapitated head. There are more. What about those? Why is the left so hypocritical and allowed to get away with such so constantly?

  19. I'll tell you what idk what they are on but this is absolutley hilarious. I'm crying, this is the Best meme I've ever seen. Oh and also why dont they condemn antifa since they actually hurt people and do bad stuff in real life hmmm?

  20. So, if (Fat Donny) Trump kills everyone in a video it's legally o.k. but if someone kills a likeness of (Fat Donny) Trump it results in secret service personnel surrounding you and taking you into custody … or in the end of your comedic career. Violence of this type has no place in society and the sooner Trump is removed and replaced with someone with 1… some form of restraint, and 2… some level of constitutional knowledge, the better it will be for the US and the World. Why Twitter hasn't suspended his personal account for violations of their standards is a mystery. Any one else would have lost their account by now.

  21. Just the mere fact that this was allowed by anyone in Trumps circle is beyond disturbing. Sure its funny as a fan fiction video, but nothing that should be endorsed by a presidential cabinet.

  22. It's not a church it's fake news, duh. The original Movie scene is a church, but there was no outrage when the movie came out, lol, so stfu.

  23. Looking at all the comments explains what is wrong with society. They stopped drawing the line that shows what's too far. Making this fictitious video, fine, freedom of speech stating an opinion, fine, showing it to a public forum supporting the idea of it as a reality, pushing it, the President of the United States, who is supposed to represent all people not just those that love him, accepting this declaration of violence on his personal property and failing to condemn it as a representation of his thoughts and intentions, too far. We all lost at that point. The President has a responsibility to ALL the people, not just his favorites. That's why it's wrong.

  24. What happened to people having a sense of humor? This country has been saturated with violence for decades in the media and this little parody is a big deal? Damn, lighten up people.

  25. Only an idiot would blame President Trump for this non-sense.
    Only an idiot would be gullible & naïve to believe what the media says, so never watch the news.

  26. Anything to get free money out of other people… anyone make a fun video "Oh lets make this ilegal ($💲$💲$)"
    Country of freedom … where almost anything is ilegal lol

    Believe it or not! Here in the USA People feel fear when police is around instead.

  27. Here is an idea, one should make a movie with the first and the last the first transgender big sodomite mike, it would make billions 😂

  28. Fake news media crying like a baby. All while showing the video again on YT. This is another reason why people stopped watching.

  29. How about denouncing the idea of impeaching a man who is doing great for are country regardless of what BS the dem's can come up with on him ?????

  30. Oh all you crying, offended, petty little snowflake leftist freaks & libtard fake media.. Its ok for your leftist ANTIFA domestic terror group to go spreading their violence and cancer on the streets of America, but as soon as the real people fight back its all crying foul from you freaks. I cant wait until your little bubble of safe-space comes to a violent end in the coming civil war, the real people of America are reaching the point of enough is enough from you leftards, and you all will be ended in the same manner as this funny video. I am active US Military, and 90% of the Forces are Strong patriotic Conservative, and we are just waiting for the call to unleash a Desert-Storm like eradication of the leftist lib-disease. Be warned, its not a threat, but it is a warning & a solid prediction. See how all you left media are getting more thumbs down and loosing followers on youtube? Yes, we, do.

  31. Movie was fine apparently…..epic violence not questioned….they chose to be offended over the joke that came after…….wow. retards.

  32. All I know is I laughed myself silly for three minutes while watching it. Just because it would never air on SNL doesn't mean it's not funny.

  33. The media propagating these smear campaigns, except when their buddies are the ones propagating it, should be ashamed of themselves. If I was the family member of any of these lunatics I would denounce them.

  34. And trust me all the people that attacked the president a lot of them are going to jail, they made schemes and scams and try to overthrow the government all kinds of fuckedupshit a lot of them are going to jail

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