Sonny Rollins – Religion Is Politics

Sonny Rollins - Religion Is Politics

assign you a couple more questions from our Google+ folks from Taylor daelin he says being the wise man that you are do you believe in religion explain why you do or don't well religion I believe in a higher power let me put it that way I believe in a higher power I believe there's a reason things happen that we humans don't understand you know I believe that there's a guiding hand that's much more wise than we are as human beings now in religion no I don't want to go into religion because religion is politics you know every country believes and they say active they are me they believe this it so organized religion you know has not I don't believe in that I believe in a higher power period I don't believe in any particular organized religion and we never know that answering your question or not I believe that answers the question

4 thoughts on “Sonny Rollins – Religion Is Politics

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  2. I have noticed that most of the jazz giants are very intelligent and wise.  They are able to see through the BS that is imposed on most people to control them.

  3. I concur with Example Man. Thanks very much for these Sonny Rollins videos, Video Guy! Very enlightening and interesting indeed.

  4. He's very enticing to listen to. I'm not sure what it is that has motivated Mr. Rollins to branch out more recently to share his vast wisdoms with the world, but if its the doing of you, TheJazzVideo guy, I'd like to thank you on behalf of the entire jazz community profusely. Down the road we will treasure these interviews of one of, if not THE, last living pioneer of saxophone style, the great Sonny Rollins.

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