hi friends it's me Nikki here with a small kitchen organization project someone actually gave me permission to film one of my organizing sessions here in their small kitchen and I'm going to take you on this journey because I know I get so many requests for a small space organization and I love organizing small spaces so this was a blast to share with you and so in the kitchen they really needed me to put systems in place to help them function while when they contacted me they were about to tears in frustration with their space they are a single person in the small apartment they work all the time and they're going on the weekends they don't entertain so they don't really have many needs but when they come home they're overwhelmed by their stuff now another issue for this individual is that they love the goodwill so they have a lot of things stocked up they love buying dishes and pictures and plants with the intention of kind of reselling them on eBay but it never happened so you will see they have a lot of just kind of mod podge things that they are not using barely touching any of it and so definitely you know what my first step is in this space and my very first step that I wanted to do is to purge and we needed to go through and we needed to take a serious assessment of the things because actually if you look at this this is money that she could put back into her space to really bring her kind of enjoyment and happiness rather bog her down and make her unhappy as it currently is so I went through all of the dishes and things pulled them all out and this is sometimes what happens in all of our cabinets is we get gifts and we get things and we just put it in the cabinet and before you know it you have a lot of things that you're not using that is providing you a lot of visual clutter and a lot of fiscal clutter in your space so a paring down and what I did with her is like basically gave her sets of things and I kind of cleared out everything else so I knew what I wanted to do next is to assess the space and figure out ways to make sure she's successful in staying organized once we put all of this together so I knew I needed to give her visual limitations I needed to make the space so that she had no room to put anything else but when she looked in there it was happy it was organizing that she could easily get to what she needed and baskets are always my secret weapon when trying to accomplish this mission because one cabinet a new in space planning I knew that everything could fit in one cabinet as far as for dishes and glasses and things like that being a single person that does not entertain all the time this would be fine and so I implemented the design using the baskets and so what I did was I had everything cleared out that she you know those Mod Podge glasses and mugs and pare it down to set so one white set of life issues that she can use for everyday use or she can use wrenches in the rare occasion that she will entertain she has an one set that can you know just work and so before she had maybe three or four this color three or four that color and it was just a lot of visual clutter and now she has what she needs to function daily and to function in the event that she is entertainment holidays she has her glasses up here that she'll use for everyday use and oh make her feel good to have her orange juice in a wine glass or when she's having guests she has a glass there now as far as the baskets those high it heights those things that can provide a lot of visual clutter that can stress her out such as those paper products by simply putting them in your cabinets a lot of times they can get disorganized really quickly but by putting everything in the baskets they're categorized so she knows this is all her paper products this is all her plastic ware which we did pare down and then the top one on the top basket that's where she has her ice cream bowl because she does like to have her ice cream and ice cream vault but the great thing about having them there I didn't want to just put the glasses on the shelf because then she would have a one full count cabinet rather a shelf that she could possibly stack more dishes you know and I have set here so she has her sets here and then she has that basket kind of blocking her from putting any more clutter anymore dishware in there now to tackle the food items again they don't cook at home so they don't have a need for a lot of food and a lot of times if you live in a small space you've allowed your frigerator for a lot of things to save space in cabinets so if it can be refrigerated you know refrigerate it put it in your refrigerator and so it's basically about going through paring down things that are spiced expired things that you don't need in categorizing and giving limits so all of her spices are in one she doesn't use them often but when she needs it she can pull this right down and it's right by the stove all of the snaps are in another basket all of the drivers are in another basket so now she can easily get to those things when she needs it and I put it in categories by what she would typically grab like her snack items would be easy to grab and then in the top there I saved three bases she had a ton of glassware vases that she did not use so I gave her things like two bases in case she has her flowers ice bucket in a general bowl to put kind of chips or anything in if she has company over so now it was time to kind of clear and organize the countertops one way to make a small kitchen feel overwhelming is to have things on the counter so you want to pare down as much as possible and make it function so by having this beautiful vase here which provides the decor which you do want in your face it also has function because I'm going to pare down all of these kind of utensils that she has and if the drawer basically that she would find things at Goodwill and she would throw it in this drawer here and so basically by pairing these things down and just giving her what she would use inhibit that she cooks it really can work for her on her countertop best and save that a drawer it's really valuable real estate there and so it really looks clean and neat and it's easy to get to she also had a second drawer over here where ideally would have made more sense to use as a flatware drawer and so I did put on some organizers in there for that and I'm sorry I don't have that footage I lost that footage there along with my new organizing assistant this is Whitney here and she's folding up her kind of kitchen linen putting them in a drawer so that she can easily get to it and she still has tons of space so definitely she did have a lot of space in here once we cleared out and then of course let's tackle that under the kitchen sink which is always a challenge for most and so I wanted to keep it simple her and so what Whitney is doing she basically is just kind of organizing things by category we had the two little bins here to keep it very simple another bin for her garbage bags and her as OS pads and things like that and so she can look under her cabinet and get exactly to what she needs and then of course to go around the sink easy easy stress store right here to have too many things around your sink so again just purging a lot of those items and downsizing to just a simple plant to kind of bring her joy and a clear dispenser for her dish liquid or you can use soap and then my other such thing here jennifer is just putting her flowers out for her as a simple touch there because she likes buying herself flowers every week so by clearing all of this clutter out throughout the kitchen and paring down so many things that she did not use she had so many paper cups that she did not use so many plastic pieces that she did not use and now we have simply what she needs to function and when she comes home for work she doesn't feel overwhelmed if she wants to go cook her egg or anything she has exactly what she needs to do it and her space is not consuming her she can really enjoy her kitchen now so friends I hope you've enjoyed today's video definitely let me know if you have any questions I'm so thankful to this homeowner for letting me into their space and sharing it with you and if you want me to help you with your space I do have virtual organization services now so check out the website for that and contact me for that along with if you're in my area I do provide those services you all know that's the new business that I have and I am so excited about it I'm so excited to take you on some of my projects so I hope you all have a beautiful day I will see you at the next video and this is Nikki saying goodbye


  1. I found these tips to be very helpful! I live in an apartment so I need to maximize my kitchen storage! I hope to do a organizing video for my channel soon.

  2. OK – that really has inspired me! I'm dedicating tomorrow to re-organising and cleaning my whole kitchen! Thank you Nikki

  3. Wow what a difference you made in someones life!! You are very good at organizing you just showed us great ideas on how to tackle a clutter kitchen! Thank you for sharing

  4. Nikki, you are so talented and wise. The Lord has blessed you with such knowledge and talent! Your organization skills are phenomenal!!! I have utilized MANY of your tips and suggestions throughout my home. I ALWAYS watch your videos…over and over again. My husband Jimmy will be watching tv and he will hear your voice as I watch your videos and he will say, " tell Nikki I said hello". Lol That's how much you are in our home. I just adore you and think you are an exceptional lady. I told him I would love to meet you one day. We're in the Wilmington, NC area and we go to Charleston a few times a year. I'm so excited about getting my book, Beautifully Organized! I can hardly wait!!! I hope you and Mike are doing well. Hugs and blessings! Vicky

  5. Great ideas. Everything looks so nice. But, I can't understand how people eat out and not cook at home. But that is for another time and another channel and not about your video – which is organization. Great job!!

  6. Omg I loved your thought process beforehand & how you explained what you were bringing into the space. Thank you so much for this video!!! Super thankful to find a home decor youtuber thats not just all about minimalism & making things look pretty. Really like this & can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  7. Nikki I have been inspired by you. and years of thinking I was organized was put to shame as I saw your videos, all I can say is I have begun to get more organized, one room at a time..but you are always in my ear when something is a mess..LOL

  8. Awesome! I love the visual peace that the "sets" and baskets bring. THANK YOU for sharing all this amazing knowledge with us. You're truly gifted. ;0)

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