Slavoj Zizek: Arrest the Pope as head of a pedophile organization (eng sub)

Slavoj Zizek: Arrest the Pope as head of a pedophile organization (eng sub)

All these things must be made public (communist crimes).
We must ask the question how was this possible etc. This angers me so much.
When I wrote that article … which you published with a heavy heart …
Well, not you personally … You know, the one about Tito’s cave. I’m not prejudiced against or for Tito.
The good things he did were good and so on… But we must bring things out in the open.
We won’t hurt ourselves if we do. If we do hurt ourselves, then it is
better that we degenerate. We must put it all out in the open!
I have a problem with the famous Ertl case too. I know … I remember him.
And if you are honest, you do too. It was a decent thing he did.
He gave a nice statement. He said: “Citizens of Slovenia, don’t worry, the police
is here to protect you against the “Rally of Truth”. This is fine. But he also did
other things. So I can’t accept this simple explanation,
that he was given a medal solely for this action. I will give now a tasteless metaphor. It’s the same as saying that Hitler,
forget what he did to the Jews, deserves a medal for the development of railways and highways.
That the German car company should give him one… It doesn’t work, it is too easy.
You should give a recognition to Ertl, but you can’t ignore other things that he did.
I’m not trying to compromise with the opponents. No! It doesn’t matter what they say.
We must clarify it to ourselves. Because this will allow us to be more
critical of our adversaries. What gives me the creeps?
For example, the unfortunate “Baricevic case”. I have no compassion,
it’s a disgusting case, and so on… But how dare the Church comment on this?
The Church opposes gay marriage and all that… Isn’t it true, at least if we trust the media
and the court rulings, that the Church is replete
with homosexual pedophiles? They are the last people to tell us
about these things. I think we should be more
aggressive against the Church. I totally agree with what Richard Dawkins and
Christopher Hitchens are trying to organize in the UK. Although, I don’t agree with them
theoretically and politically. To have the Pope arrested.
As the head of a pedophile organization! It can be proved…
I read a very good legal argument for this. Imagine another organization, forget the Church,
where the boss acts exactly like the Pope. You’ll be my victim. Someone has to be, no?
You have been raping boys, someone comes to me to complain,
I transfer you somewhere else, and so on … Here the Church has lost it completely,
and should be dealt with without prejudice. This means that there can’t be
the slightest hint of the dirty deal: “We’ll leave you alone,
if you leave us alone.” It won’t be as easy as saying:
“Let’s forget the past, let’s go to the future.” The past is here. To forget the past
means to leave it as it is now.

8 thoughts on “Slavoj Zizek: Arrest the Pope as head of a pedophile organization (eng sub)

  1. Thanks for the useful notes! Tito's Caves, aside from being an oddly poetic metaphor, remind me of some other comments Zizek made (to which I can't find a reference now) about how fascist regimes saw themselves as having the strength and ruthlessness to do what had to be done for the good of the many. Perhaps some of the same dynamic drives the conflicting attitude toward Tito that you describe.

  2. Why not arrest him. Its not as if previous popes have not been terrible criminals. Borgia was so bad they made him the villain in a video game and gave him his own salacious mini series. It would not be out of character for the church to have the pope charged as head of an international paedophile ring.

  3. @kzkstn

    I actually managed to find the article. I don't think he was being soft in this video.
    The reason why he is so furious in his article "Tito's cave" is that some leftists were still trying to resurrect Tito by naming a street in Ljubljana after him. Which shows that they are unable/unwilling to make a radical renovation of "The Left" etc….

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